The Hidden Goddess of the Retrograde

The Goddess ushered in the Mercury Retrograde with spreading her raven cloak across the night sky covering our Moon, who is in Virgo the home of the Great Goddess herself. The energies are intense. Let us celebrate her beauty and find the hidden Goddess energy within ourselves by tapping into our intuition, putting aside our typical mental judgments and leading with our Spirit. Have a blessed and safe Retrograde, Witchy WooWoo’s! ❤

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

We began the mercury retrograde with a New Moon, or some call it the Dark Moon. So that means that this Mercury Retrograde is governed by the Dark Moon Goddess or Hidden Goddess.  In this sense, dark does not mean evil, rather it is symbolic of the Womb or Beginning of the universe.  Many Pagans understand this concept, would you believe it if I told you it is actually Biblical?


Did you know that the very word Beginning is actually the name of the Supreme Goddess of the Bible/Torah that was either  mistranslated, or purposely hidden within the pages of the Bible. B’resheit which also means ‘in the beginning’ and is also the first word in the Torah holy book and our Bible. In fact, the first word of Torah is the Her holy name Beginning.  This is no coincidence. The Goddess breathes from the very beginning of the Bible…

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