Freaky Friday: Sex Magick!

Would you like to add more spice to your sex life? How about a mystical approach? These herbs and properties are known for their immediate affect on the libido and make coupling an even more passionate affair. This is a personal love magic spell and potion from my own personal bedroom secrets! Come enter into my red velvet room of secrets.

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel


Whether you are Christian or Pagan, gay or straight or both, you can enjoy sex magick with your partner. Invoking the Goddess of Love, whether you call her Aphrodite or Shekinah,( who is the Holy Spirit and the Hebrew Goddess of Marriage of Love and is Biblical) does not matter! Or one can express this with the names of other Goddesses. It is all the same, faces of our divine Mother, and does not belong to Paganism any more than Jesus only belongs to the Jews. 🙂

When I first fell in love with Sex Magick I was with a boyfriend that just, shall we say, lacked sensual skills. So I researched sex magick as a way to bring some sensual experience into the bedroom without making him feel it was a lesson. Temple priestesses in ancient Greece combined sex and mysticism. Tantric yoga channels sexual energy toward spiritual goals…

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