Magickal Witches of the Bible

Source: Magickal Witches of the Bible


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    Very interesting and mich good thoughts

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  2. You are A blessed woman. Yes, you go the right way to unified the Christian s with the wicca or pagan. That is what i wish too. I hope, A lot of J W go the same way. By the way, i mean, that is possible. What you think? I have read A lot of gnostic texts. I realised now that it give A Goddess from beginning. Please help me and other Christians to worship both, the GODDESS and the God. I See in you the imagination from the GODDESS Gaia.

    Blessings from here



    1. Thank you Albert! The Holy Spirit is Goddess. And it is time for Christians to more fully awaken to and understand the purpose of Christ and these scriptures. Christ came to divide us from ego and the old way of thinking. But in this development the Mother Goddess nourishes and guides our growth. This balance of energies is integral to being all that God created man to be. And realizing how both man and woman represent God and our defined roles is the gift that is found in Scriptures. Before the Nicene council Pagans and Christians lived equally and harmoniously. Only fear, greed and hate created this divide. It is time for healing. Blessed Be!

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      1. A wonderful and logic explanation. It’s need time for Christians to accept, that the Holy Spirit is Goddess. For me not, but for others. Try your besteht, to convinced them patiently, gently. Give never up. Your message like waterdrops on limestone. The time is near to crack und crush in pieces the most Christian believes. Carry in. The GODDESS give you the power and strenghteness. Blessed be.

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