Ostara Goodwitch’s Quick Earth Angel Detox Potion (Part 3)

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

me dawn

Angel Detox for Relationships and Beauty (Crystal Guide Included)

I began my journey healing my outer appearance, first within myself. I shed thousands of pictures of ex- relationships and miscellaneous garbage from my I-phone, computer and Facebook! And I have gotten rid of all my toxic relationships! Next, I have stopped my self sabotaging behaviors with guy friends, such as texting them endless paragraphs, or always texting them first everyday, and bringing up other men to them.  I really am only either trying to push them away to see if they care, or how much they care, or just misbehaving trying to get attention. It is time to stop all of that immature crap and develop healthy boundaries. And though I am very sexual, there are other things on my mind than sex. So I have stopped merely dialoguing about sex as a way to connect to them and am…

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