Pirate Booty…Arrrgh!!!

I am having a blast today with a friend at Cedar Key! It’s nothing like a hot guy, a beach and pirates to make a Witch smile! 😘 Pictures inside. Please click link, and also 200 plus blog posts for your enjoyment!

This week has been a journey of discovery and growth for me. I’ve learned some valuable lessons about what I desire to experience in love. I’ve also learned that riddling a relationship or friendship with doubts, fears and demands only stunts the growth of your partner. The rules that apply to me should also fairly apply to them.

Real love gives everyone the freedom to choose. In this choice true love is born. Heaven knows you need to love and be loved.  However, it’s high time we focus on the love we give and receive, with the boundaries intact, for each other.

It is injurious to our relationships to attempt to force others to accept and give us the love we crave ONLY the way we want it. Real love gives you what you need for your spiritual journey, not necessarily for your comfort.  

 Comfort is lazy. Growth is painful. Comfort is neat and orderly. Growth is messy and mind boggling. Sometimes the pain and chaos pushes us from out of our cave while expanding our boundaries without destroying them. I am thankful for my friend that taught me this.

My ocean side sojourn, to commune with the Water Witch inside me, was quite illuminating!

Blessings of Love and Light!

P.S Don’t forget to book your reading soon as my schedule will be filled as I will be working on Miss Goodwitch soon to be announced T.V premiere!!!!

I Love You All!!!



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