Beauty and the Beast: The Re-Birth of a Christian Witch and the Horned God (HAPPY MABON!!!)

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Source: Beauty and the Beast: The Re-Birth of a Christian Witch and the Horned God


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  1. Gosh you are really getting us familiar with these old stories….. about self image. We cannot out perfirm our self image

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    1. Yes!!! We are collectively moving to another level.

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  2. The story of Jesus and Cerunnos was first a big shock for me. but then I enjoyed it in a frenzy! It’s really not easy to accept that Jesus acts like Cerunnos. But then began my unexpected surprise a peculiar pleasure to rise in me. Simultaneously, a fearfulness was me! But then was the lust for the story to read more and more! Fear and desire mingled more and more. The joy of participating in your exciting adventure swept the fear away. And it’s a wonderful Experience for all woman, when Jesus acted like Cerunnos. The same joy, when the Highpriestess Maria Magdalene have a Ritual act with him to honore the GODDESS ! And i read and imagine this on Mabon!

    The GODDESS bless you

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    1. Thank you! It was a truly AMAZING experience and very real for me! And happening on Mabon as it did. Also it happened when I knew so little about Wicca and was still learning. That experience healed my pain and anger towards men and the divine masculine. I was then able to merge the two in my being for perfect balance. I’m glad this gave you joy. Blessed Be!

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