Blood Moon And Prophetic Faith: But, God Said It

Hi ya’ll,


Tonight is the night of the fourth tetrad Blood Moon! It is a time of releasing old negative behaviors and reclaiming your own inner divine selves! Lately I have been kinda laying low due to the mercury retrograde. I have had to work on myself and clear up tons of communication gaps. I also have been working hard to complete all my pre-surgery requirements for my weight reduction and tie up some loose ends for my entrance to college again. So I have been a busy little witch! In the midst of this, I have been mentally grappling with my faith. As many of you know I am a Christian Witch and so I believe in Christ and the Shekinah, as representing the Father and Mother God of Heaven. Before I came to know myself as a Witch, which simply means Wise One, I was seen as a Prophetess in my church. I prophesied into the lives of many and also spoke of my vision to the church of Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that would occur around the world, but would leave our city safe. And of course, because God said it, all of this did in fact come to pass, among many other things I prophesied that day.

I wasn’t in the accepted group of ministers. I was just a girl in a black shirt, that sat in the back with the rest of the t.v ministry unseen. I did not mind that because I am very shy. During that time, God put in my heart that one of the ushers of the church was my husband. I had a very handsome, muscular boyfriend at the time who was wild, drank and did drugs and lived a party lifestyle. But God showed me that this skinny, quiet, usher was gonna be my mate. God would show me in the future, with him. God showed me how he would become very muscular and large, become a  minister and we would pray together and lead others to Christ.

Of course over a years time ALL of those things came to pass. Now I am not hung up on body image, but I was self-conscious of being a very curvy girl with a really skinny guy. I guess it made me feel fatter. lol As time went on he would do special things like carry my bags, put my baby stroller in the car, play with my kids, attempt to converse with me and so forth. I was pretty much tongue tied and out of shyness and fear would turn away or ignore him. He also became very buff, a minister in our church and he and I went out to do street team ministry together leading many people to Christ, just as God had shown me! But I did not believe this vision and would run away from him. Eventually I became pregnant with my first son. and he gave up and chased the Pastors daughter to no avail. Finally, he left with no wife and went on to school at Harvard.

artemis diana goddess blood moon

That taught me something valuable. Even though God may say to you that the person in front of you is your husband or wife, if you do not believe it then it will not come to pass. We have free will. And in my case I clung to my boyfriend, though my spirit was attached to my usher. Fast forward about five years later and I met another man. The first moment I see him God says, that is your husband. I realize now that perhaps God already knew my flaws and had sent the usher to open my eyes so that I would not take His word for granted again.

I believe that we have many soul mates, but there are very few people that are our spiritual mates. It is possible to have more than one spiritual mate. I feel my usher was a spiritual soul mate, that God brought along to help me navigate my way from the carnal one. Once again, God sent a spiritual soul mate to me. This was only the second time this has ever happened, and again at a time that I needed to separate myself from that same carnal one. I fought against God’s vision for me here too, but eventually me and my carnal (husband by then) mate divorced.

I won’t go into details about my new spiritual mate, but I decided that this time I was NOT going to waiver. If God said it then I was going to believe in faith that it will come to pass. In the beginning, I kept it to myself. As time went on I began telling him. Completely no chill, I sought him out over and over nearly begging him to let me back in his life….as a friend…as anything. In retrospect, I realize now I went about that all wrong. That, I am sure, drove him absolutely crazy. But….God said it. And I believed.

isis_and_osiris_in_grief_by_neffinesse.jpg blood moon

Three years later we are friends again. And though he says he is not attracted to me or has a desire to be anything more than a friend…I am going to tell you the truth. Though I absolutely will respect his boundaries, because I love him unconditionally,….GOD SAID IT.  AND I STILL BELIEVE IT. I AM WAITING.

When Spirit puts a vision in your heart it is easy to look around at your circumstances and say there is no way that it can happen to me. When I lived in the projects, in a two bedroom flat, with a leaking ceiling that finally caved in; God showed me that I would soon have a home and each one of my children would have their own bedroom. Now I was poor and I thought no way could this come to pass in the natural. But something in my Spirit said YES, your home is coming soon. So I looked at homes, dreamed of my home, and prayed and prophesied any time the subject came to mind. It was not IF I get a house it was WHEN I get MY house.

I went through being homeless twice, and living in a condo full of drug addicts to survive. Meanwhile, I worked full time, took care of my kids, the best I knew how,, and somehow God always sustained me through the hospitality of others. One day out of the blue, three years ago in November, I get a phone call from a program I applied to get an apartment. The woman called me at my job and her very words to me were,” Come get your house!” I was shocked! My house??? How could this be? Well, apparently they had five bedroom houses that I qualified for and me and my now FOUR children were the proud renters. Back when I lived in the projects I had two children, when God showed me that vision, of a bedroom for each child. Now I had FOUR children….and God had given me FIVE bedrooms! Now you do the math!

So this Blood Moon, as you release negative thinking, remember the visions and dreams that God put in your heart. Give those dreams LIFE. Believe them without wavering! All it takes is a little faith in Spirit that God/dess will do exactly as She/He says they will do! Just as the Goddess Isis searched all over the land to bring her dead beloved Osiris back together. No one thought she would be able to bring him back to life. No one thought she would be able to conceive his child. Just as our beloved Goddess did do not give up on your dream or the destiny God has placed inside of you! Faith is the REAL magic! Stay in faith joyfully and you will give birth to your dearest dreams!  And whenever adversity hits, setbacks occur and it seems like it is never going to happen….smile deep in your heart and remember….BUT GOD SAID IT!

Love and Light,


I love you!!!

me blood moon


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