Developing Gifts As A Seer

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As a child, God began developing my divine vision.  As a result of much trauma as a child I clung to God as my friend. I began studying the Bible avidly and speaking to Jesus every day and every night. This gave me peace. When I would overeat out of depression, as a child of seven or eight, I would have the most awful tummy aches that literally made me think my stomach was going to explode and I was going to die! I was then guided by the Spirit to lay hands on my abdomen and heal myself. I soon learned that by laying hands on something and focusing my breath, mental vision and energy I could heal myself anytime. If I got the flu I was always healed within three days, once I learned that trick. And this was major for me because I suffered from many lung ailments, such as pleurisy, and bronchial pneumonia very often.

As I talked to God often, I created a very close and special relationship with him. Little did I know that many of my episodes that I had where I would become totally unmovable, feel my soul leave my body as a bright light filled me and would receive a steady stream of information from heaven was called, trance and channeling. Many old time Pentecostal Prophets of old would do the same thing and many miracles were recorded at their hands. But I wasn’t really raised in church. My parents were deeply committed to Christ but lived a lifestyle of work first.

Psychic Medium

So all of this was my training as a medium. My first experience with ghosts took place while I was in college. I saw a dead girl that had slit her wrists and drowned herself in the dorm bathroom floating through the bathroom with a bunch of men in black hats and suits. It was the weirdest experience. It frightened me so bad I ran to my room, threw the covers over my head and began praying the Lord’s Prayer (very effective by the way).  So after that experience, whenever I felt a soul near me I would say out loud,” I DON”T believe in ghosts!” And therefore, I would not have to see them or deal with them. This is how I blocked them out for years.

I continued to have otherworldly experiences with God, and Angels, but the dead I completely shunned.  In the year 2009, I became fully awakened. I began to see the interconnections of the dead and the living and no longer feared seeing or speaking with those on the other side for the living. As time went on the loved ones that had crossed over would seek me out to pass on messages to their family members. I also could see the impressions of the past in old building or places that carried alot of energy.  When a living person thinks, or talks to or wears something of the one that has crossed over often when these people come in my proximity I will see their loved ones. It doesn’t matter if I am in a Chinese restaurant. I have seen the soul of the former owner of the Szechuan Palace sitting right at the table smoking a cigarette.

Often when those crossed over come they will present themselves in a way their family member can relate. Now, alot of people want to know what happens to their loved ones when they cross over? Do they just go off in the clouds somewhere? Or to sleep? Or cease to exist? The answer is no. There is a rest period for those that go through a traumatic experience, but there are counselors that are there to ease them into their transition. I have been to Heaven very many times, in my dreams and in my trances during praise and worship.

Angels and Demons

I have seen the presence of demons being wrestled away from their human hosts by angels. I have seen the black and foggy energy of disease healed from the words of a pastor and the touching of angels. I have seen literal shackles broken off of peoples writs and ankles as they are released from sins, addictions, fear and abuse. This is absolutely real. The angels do the real work, but it is necessary for humans to receive a physical touch by one anointed to feel confirmation. For the bible says whatsoever is bound in Heaven must become bound in earth and whatsoever is loosed in Heaven like wise.

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Rainbow kisses and superman snuggles! Love, Ostara



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  1. Bernard Denny says:

    Thankyou so much for your beautiful friendship it really means the world to me God bless you and keep you safe in his love God loves you so much my dear friend you are a very special angel 😇 thankyou for your beautiful friendship

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    1. Thank you my friend! I’m glad you enjoy my blog!


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