A Medium’s Journey Through The Gates Of Heaven

Hi ya’ll!


I have never really talked about my experiences on the other side or with beloved souls that have crossed over. Being a medium has been a slow and arduous process for me.  I did not come to this vocation joyfully. I came kicking and screaming in terror! My first full blown encounter with a soul from the other side was quite shocking and traumatic for me. But I am jumping ahead. First I want to define what is a true medium.  A medium is a person that can see into the spirit realms of existence. These realms exist parallel to the ones that we can see with our natural eyes.. These realms are NOT far away up in the sky somewhere, rather they are all around us and everywhere.

Now our spiritual senses are something that we must practice and develop. Everyone has these innate abilities, except some children are born with them in excess. This excessive amount of spiritual vision is called esp or being psychic.  It is like a superpower and not anything that people should have fear.  Society often hates what they do not understand out of fear. If it requires us to face our own mortality and limitations then it makes us angry and afraid.

After A Soul Leaves

moon water goddess blood

When a soul first leaves their body they do not always go to heaven right away. First they are allowed a grace period, if so desired, to see to their loved ones. Also I may add, to those who have had loved ones who are very sick, their soul leaves their body periodically, and you don’t even know it. As they begin the transition to Heaven, God will allow them, with Angelic assistance, to leave and come back and leave and come back until they are ready. I have experienced this with my kids great grandma Mable as she left once while in the hospital and traveled to me just to tell me I was right in what I said about heaven! And she wasn’t afraid to go. Of course, when they come back into their body, they think it was just a dream.  Or may not remember it, but feel a peace about everything.

Once they leave their earthly shell, then they will seek out someone in the family who is a “sensitive” and inspire them to share information that will cheer and uplift the other members. This is not always possible and so that is where mediums, such as I can help. If I am connected to someone that has unresolved issues or feelings with losing their family member that soul will come and talk with me or appear to me in my dreams. I have sent many a message on facebook, or text….that is for sure!

heavenly choir

Also many souls who may have held to strong beliefs about Heaven that limits their mind to exploration have come to me for assistance. Some souls get stuck in a physical plane, that was presented to me like a tunnel, with other people in it doing various things, like playing cards, and they are not able to enter into the land of Heaven. It is usually anger and unresolved guilt that they hold onto, and refuse to relinquish, that keeps them stuck. Biggee Smalls, the rapper, is one person I have seen there in that hall. I freed one person, but there are many others. When Grandma Mable came to me, after she left her shell behind, she told me how beautiful Heaven is and how she enjoyed it very much. She came to see me often and reminded me about things to do to prepare the kids for school and the like. It made me feel comforted and also a bit sad. Finally Spirit told me I needed to let her know about the other worlds in Heaven.

First, I shared with her son and Grandaddy, how much she loved them, and how very much alive she still was, because she earnestly wanted her son and husband to know this and recognize that, Then I told her about the other realms and how she could travel there at will and still come back and visit when she wants. Well, that was all it took…she packed her bags so to speak, and her and my grandma Cole, (they were friends in Heaven, not on Earth) and went traveling like Thelma and Louise!

The Great City of Heaven


When I traveled to Heaven I saw many things. First I have sat on the lap of Jesus in the the Garden of Zion. I have purified myself in the Holy Waters that flow directly from the Garden to the throne room of God Almighty. There are great cities where people travel looking like light vehicles, but I think it is their soul energy traveling at the speed of light. This light is white. The great buildings are all a opalescent white. Many windows, columns, and open airways. There are many different buildings that function differently. There is a school for children, a library, a great temple, a hall of records, and then there is beyond. Beyond this heaven is another heaven. That is the Heaven of God. Their is an energy of God that dwells in the center of the Sun, and his throne room is beyond that. And His Goddess wife is the literal Rainbow over the throne. There also is a kingdom created just for angels and I have flown with the angels, it feels like a near orgasm. When you fly with an angel your soul intermingles with theirs and it is a pure state of ecstasy. Archangel Metatron is my usual escort, for personal reasons.

Once during a distance healing I tapped into this energy to heal a young woman at Shelia J. Spencer’s church that was in a coma. The energy spiraled up inside me and burst forth that it threw my head back, arched my back and was BIGGER than any orgasm I have ever had. The young woman woke up from her coma the next day. Now I have never experienced anything like that again but it was mind blowing! People limit God and ourselves too much. We are created in the very image of God with the BREATH of GODDESS dwelling inside of us! Tapping into that power in full measure is NO JOKE!

heavenly-home-picture(Kinda what the building look like minus the gold….i can’t find too much of what it looks like sorry.)

As I have traveled through heaven I have also encountered other realms. There are other planets and galaxies that are quite populated and have destiny’s all their own. Some of the Ascended Masters, like St. Germain, live there and some of you are from different solar systems. I was given the gift of medical surgery on a purple planet, which I was escorted to by Archangel Metatron and Amethyst, the Goddess of the Violet Flame. St. Germain and I ascended in the violet flame and it was there he showed me the gifting in my hands to heal. I also met the Goddess of the Emerald stone there too! They are made of complete crystal. They are extraordinarily beautiful.

There are also lower energy realms, such as the Gray kingdom ( those weird looking aliens that do procedures on people) and they got upset Jean, oops St. Germain, took me there! Then there is a  Vampire kingdom and also Hell. Hell is a place of torment, only people that choose to go there, go there with the demons. I believe they are there to pay penance. But it is part of God’s kingdom too. All things were created by God. One should never astral travel though without the accompaniment of an Angel. Archangel Metatron is a huge angel….both he and Archangel Michael have accompanied me but Metatron, my Enoch, loves me especially.

This is kind of what it looked like when we ascended but the flame was brighter and more violet and flamey...lol
This is kind of what it looked like when we ascended but the flame was brighter and more violet and flamey…lol

Well that is your brief tour. If you have any questions, or would like a reading or would like me to write more about anything I have talked about in this post please leave me a comment! Also make sure you follow me on Facebook at Ostara, Miss Goodwitch!

I love you!!!

Love and Sugar Drops,




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  1. Sydney says:

    Hi Ostara! I was wondering if you could elaborate about the different realms such as the Vampire kingdom, Gray kingdom, and Hell. Do people choose what realm they go to after they die or are they assigned one? If so, do the people become vampires and aliens and other beings?
    By the way, I love your blog so much. I have been learning so much and you have pushed me to grow closer to God after finally learning the truth from your blog. Thank you so much.
    I have dreams that come true a lot and I don’t remember a lot of them until the event actually occurs and then it comes back to me that I’d dreamt about it. I also can feel a person’s vibe when around them but I sometimes feel like maybe I’m just overreacting. Also, when my aunt (who I was very close to) passed away, I had a dream that she was sitting on this bench and I was beside her. She was talking to me, though I now can’t remember what she said, and she was smiling so much and so happy. She’d gotten her leg cut off up to the kneee when she was living and it was still cut off in my dream. She had her little thigh bouncing and she was radiating happiness. I’m not sure if she was in heaven or if it was just a dream but I wanted to share it with you. I’m sorry for typing so much, I just feel very comfortable sharing with you. Your blog has been teaching me a lot these past couple of days. Again, I’m very glad that you decided to make this blog. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sydney! I’m glad you felt comfortable to write in. I’ve experienced the Vampire world slightly but it’s not a good world it’s purely demonic. They are beings that feed off the fears of others. As far as aliens go, we are aliens as well. We are not originally from here. And we incarnate on Earth often. We do chose our life’s before we come, and some only come once. It depends on the soul. When people die they go to the level of existence they believe is real. There are many world to explore but it takes spiritual evolution here on Earth. Our level of growth on Earth is a reflection of our level in Heaven and vice versa. She may have been in transition. Hope that helps. Oan yes you sound like an empath…so explore it.


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