Goddess of the Bible: Asherah, Queen of Heaven

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I really love studying about the Goddess and the first Goddess I ever met was Asherah, the Holy Spirit and Queen of Heaven, as recorded in the Bible. In ancient Egypt, they identified her as the Holy and Sacred aspect of Goddess Hathor, and called her Qudushu, meaning holy.  Her name appellation is synonymous with Athirat, as her name Athirat Yam, means she who treads upon the waters, or the sea.  In West Africa, she became Yemaya and the Mother who birthed all of the other Orishas. Over and over again, in ancient cultures around the world we can read about this Goddess who birthed creation and was connected to the mighty sea. In Genesis, the Beginning is Asherah, and she is written to be hovering over the Sea as if to give birth. Here is a scriptural example with the gender of the creations written in parenthesis.

“In the beginning(Reshith/She/Womb), God (Word/Jesus/He) created the heavens and the earth. The earth, (She) was without form and void, and darkness,(He) was upon the face of the deep, and the Spirit (Ruach/She) of God, was hovering (also translated crouching as if to give birth) above the face of the waters.” – Genesis 1:1-2

So just as it is written Mother Holy Spirit Asherah, Goddess of the Sea, and Mother Earth, birthed all of creation with Father God’s WORD! And who is the literal WORD of God? Jesus Christ. He is the Great Light, and the WORD that was first born from Reshith,the Womb of the Universe. This story is actually very much like the story of El and Asherah taught in Canaanite spirituality.

In scripture, she is known as Eloah, Elat,El Shaddai, B’reshith, the Beginning, Wisdom, Shekinah, Mary the Mother of Jesus and finally in revelations She is the Ark of the Covenant and the Supreme Goddess herself, clothed in the sun, stars as her crown and the moon at her feet! She has always been known as the Tree of Life and it was this tree that was the actual Asherah pole. It was a carving of her in a sycamore branch, with many breasts or very large breasts and a womb which inhabited the Bread of Life, or a child, who later would become Jesus Christ.

asherah breasts

See the prophecy of Christ came long before Prophet Isaiah and his Sibyl Prophetess wife pronounced it. In ancient Africa and other ancient cities, sibyl prophetesses spoke of the coming of Christ to redeem the world. I am the Cumean Sibyl that is written about in history. A few years ago I had a dream in which I taught about the great Goddess in the sky from many books I wrote, while visiting Greece with my priestesses. In the dream I saw the fall of the great city and fled. When I woke up I was shocked. I was only just beginning to realize that there was a Goddess in the Bible! Also I had no idea about Sibyls back then and so I earnestly sought answers on the internet. When I stumbled across these Sibyls, it struck me and I knew instantly who I was in my other life! My gift at poetic writing, my desire to write books, teach about the Goddess, my intuitive understanding about tarot, my prophetic gifts, fear of being in power and Holy Spirit leading me into the esoteric realms. All of this adds up!  See in EVERY life I have lived I have come to teach about the Goddess, seeking to bring balance and healing to mankind.

“Now on the day of the Nativity the Sibyl was alone with the emperor, when at high noon, she saw a golden ring appear around the sun. In the middle of the circle stood a Virgin, of wondrous beauty, holding a Child upon her bosom. The Sibyl showed this wonder to Caesar; and a voice was heard which said: “This woman is the Altar of Heaven (Ara Coeli)!” ~Archbishop Jacobus de Voragine’s 13th c. “Golden Legend,”

So Asherah, Queen of Heaven is the Mother of Christ, in heaven as is written in Revelations 12, as she herself is the Ark of the Covenant.. The virgin Mary as the scripture states, the Holy Spirit overpowered (or TOOK OVER) then became the living embodiment of Mother God! So that confirms to us that in the first scripture of Genesis, when it states “In the Beginning” which is the Hebrew feminine word B’ereshith, it is actually referring to the Womb of the Universe the Great Mother God Herself. From her comes the Sun and the Moon and all of the stars. From her dark womb comes all of creation. This is who Asherah was to the early Israelites! In Egypt she was Nut, the sky goddess who was the mate of Geb, the Earth. She birthed all of creation, including the Light of the World, Ra, who is the same as Jesus Christ in their cultural belief.

asherah jew

Now, if you study the Bible as we know it today you will see a common thread. God and Goddess are consistently acknowledged and worshiped from the beginning to the end, through many analogous stories throughout scripture, most famously Proverbs as Wisdom, the Book of Esther and Ruth.

Asherah in the History

Asherah, Mother Goddess of fertility and creation. She is known as Lady of the Sea. She gave birth to 88 or 77 sons with El who is her husband. Her sacred number is 7, as she is said to have seven breasts to nourish the world. The Bible also refers to Her as Eloah or El Shaddai, the many breasted one. In the biblical book of Proverbs, the Goddess who is much beloved by King David and King Solomon is called Wisdom. In fact, when Solomon was given a choice of anything he wanted from God, he requested that Mother Wisdom be granted to him during his rule. She was his true Queen throughout, and subsequently he became obsessed with acquiring the most wise and prophetic women all around the world as his wives. In his small mind, he thought he could somehow possess her and grew quite mad with his desire.

Wisdom (Hebrew hokma, a feminine noun) is personified in Proverbs not only as a woman but as a preexistent entity with Yahweh.
“The Lord possessed me in the beginning(when the were conceived in the Womb of creation) of his way,” says Lady Wisdom, “before his works of old,… and I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before him”
(Prov. 8:22,30).
It was through Wisdom that Yahweh “founded the earth” (3:19), she is “a tree of life” to those who lay hold of her (3:18), and she offers to reward all who seek her:
“I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me” (8:17).
In the Apocrypha, Lady Wisdom is identified with the Torah or biblical law (Sirach 24:23; Baruch 4:1). In the New Testament, the pre-existent Word (Greek Logos) at the beginning of the Gospel of John is reminiscent of Wisdom, and in 1 Cor. 1:24 Paul calls Christ “the wisdom of God” (Greek Theou Sophia).

asherah goddess

The Ark of the covenant is basically a mimic of Asherah’s womb, which within dwells the Christ. The acacia wood that it is made out of is a dead give away as this was the tree symbolic of her. The articles inside the Ark, all represent Christ, the staff of life, the Bread, the Word of God….all of these things are synonymous with Jesus.  Mary the Mother of Christ became a living ark, as she carried Jesus in her very womb, just as Asherah. And the only way Mary could have done this without dying was that she was the descendant of Judah, Joseph and Moses, for she was of three tribes; Levi, Judah and Manasseh. That is the only way the scripture can be fulfilled, and that is the only way the Holy Spirit could have overtaken her body to house Christ. She became the living temple of the Lord, and the incarnation of Goddess Asherah.

I hope you enjoyed this little foray into the Mother Goddess of Israel and Queen of Heaven. Please check back as this is only the first in a three part series about Goddess Asherah!

Strawberry Moon Kisses and Honeysuckle Dreams!

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  1. Floyd Terry says:

    Wow! How I wish I could spend a few days with you that discuss these things. Very enlightening.

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    1. Thanks! I love to share about this amazing spiritual Odyssey we live in.


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