The Death of the Mother Goddess in the Bible

If anyone has ever lost a Mother, I believe this will give you great peace. I know I have had my own Mother issues and I have met many women in the clinics I worked who have never had a Mother, or who have faced such abuse from men, it is too difficult to see God as a Father figure. May this post give peace to your heart.

king and queen magdalene heaven orishas god and goddess

In the beginning of the Hebrew religion, God and Goddess were known as El and Elat. They are the great beginning of ONE being that exists eternally. Jesus Christ is the representative of El.  Asherah, who is the Holy Spirit, is represented by Mary, His Mother, and also the other six Mary’s in the Bible, as she is a seven fold Goddess.  In ancient Egypt, her name is Hathor and his name is Ra, in Sumeria she is called Inanna, in Scotland and Ireland she is called D’Anu and so on. Now I am going to use the Bible as a reference for this teaching. I do believe the bible is the confirmed word of God. I also believe there are many more books, letters and stories that are God breathed.  I do believe that the Nicene council, put together a book that God/Universe wanted us to receive. All things happen in divine timing and all is done with the authority of Creation.

Jacob’s blessing spoken over his son Joseph. As I did some research I also found that while Joseph was one of the 12 tribes of Israel, he was distinct in having two tribes under him. This became known as the House of Joseph and it ruled over even the tribe of Judah! Josephs tribe composed of both his sons Ephraim and Manasseh’s tribes. These two tribes represented Father God (Sun and Phallus) and Mother God (Moon and Womb). This is proved even by Joseph as he stated, Gen 37:10

“Then Joseph dreamed yet another dream and he recounted it to his brothers, “Look, I have dreamed yet another dream, and look, the sun and the moon and eleven stars were bowing down to me.” There were eleven brothers, so it is clear that the story is about Joseph’s father, mother and brothers bowing down to him, which his father clearly saw in his response.”  

magdalene joseph

Please take note….that makes a tribe of 13 not 12 as many have you believe. The Mother is always the 13th and that is why the number 13 is sacred to women and Witches. Even Jesus disciples were actually 13 and not 12, for Mary Magdalene represented the Hidden Bride, the Hidden Goddess, the Holy Spirit. Wicca and Witchcraft is merely a continuation of this understanding and tradition.

So why did Joseph say all of Heaven would bow to him? Because the tribe of Joseph was destined to also be the forebearer of Christ. If you look at the Bible closely you will see the tribes of Judah, Manasseh and Levi all were appointed to bring forth the Messiah. Mary the Mother of God was a Nazarene. And a Nazarene was one that had three of the most powerful tribes intermixed within their blood. Because of the land and tribal shifts the tribes of Judah, Manasseh and Levi converged! You have a trinity of Father, Son and the Mother Holy Spirit symbolically in the BLOOD of Mary, the Mother of Christ! She fulfilled the LAW and PROPHECY of all the PROPHECIES of GOD by birthing Yeshuah! (God just had me researching for the last two hours to uncover this, though I have been studying her in this depth for the last three years….finally I got it! Blog on it later. )

The Goddess Matrydom

All of this knowledge made a home within the Israelite culture as they were a mixed bag of various nations all over the world. Much like the Seminole Indians of Florida, the Hebrews were the cast offs of Egypt, Sumeria, Canaan, and Arabia. They were a migratory people who forged a unity based on their love of Creator. However, they fought endlessly on who exactly was that supreme Creator.  Who won? The patriarchal sect with their radical views of God, and their military strategy to violently attack woman kind. Now I ask you, is this the religion you want to follow? A religion that preys upon the weaker sex and also the most sacred being of creation, the Mother? See, this is not actual Christianity, it is Judaic history.

asherah goddess detroyed bible

Mother Asherah, was eradicated delicately, but she was eradicated. As the Bible states in Ezekiel, her poles and tributes were destroyed but her priests and priestesses were left alive. On the contrary Baal’s priests were killed. Why the discrepancy if they were both evil?  God used prophet Ezekiel to build a war to fight back against Jezebel for killing all of the YHWH priests, but God loved His Asherah. However, it all had to be destroyed and I will tell you why. Goddess Asherah was YHWH’s wife and their SON was Baal. the evil Israelites took the holy symbols of God and created and INCESTUOUS relationship with Baal and his mother Asherah!  That is why God then went on and on about an adultery and idolatry of the Hebrew people! And because she was now desecrated it all had to burn. This was the working of a mad woman. This was the working of Jezebel! In a sense Baal, whose name means Lord, and is the designated God over all the earth, was like Jesus. So to take Jesus Christ and make him the husband of Mary would be a complete abomination, right? Well that is what Jezebel did!

Authentic Asherah and Messiah statue
Authentic Asherah and Messiah statue

Ezekiel 8:5-6 Then he said to me, “Son of man, lift up your eyes now toward the north.” So I lifted up my eyes toward the north, and behold, north of the altar gate, in the entrance, was this image of jealousy. And he said to me, “Son of man, do you see what they are doing, the great abominations that the house of Israel are committing here, to drive me far from my sanctuary? But you will see still greater abominations.” God was jealous because the Israelis had ousted him and placed Baal there instead beside his own wife!

Now this forced the Hebrews to have to create a whole new way of worshiping God. They no longer could say YHWH and his Asherah, so now, and still to this day,they are forbidden to speak  God’s name nor write it down. It is my belief that this began because one could NOT say one name without the other, as they are ONE. Isn’t that sweet? So Ezekiel destroyed the high places of worship.

But as time went on the people missed their Queen of Heaven, whom they would bake raisin cakes in the form of Goddess Asherah in celebration. The song of Deborah recorded in the Bible is actually a Prophecy. Deborah casts herself as Asherah, Mother God and Jael as the people of Israel. One has to read the Bible with spiritual discernment, it is not for a leisure study. That is why, thankfully, the Nicene council was completely ignorant to the Goddess of the Bible, as they put it together and why so many Christian leaders are unfortunately equally as blind.

Prophetess Deborah, when a Witch was King
Prophetess Deborah, when a Witch was King

Judge Prophetess Deborah said, in Judges 5:6-7:

“In the days of Shamgar son of Anath,
    in the days of Jael (Israel), the high ways were abandoned;
    travelers took to winding paths.
Villagers in Israel would not fight;
    they held back until I, Deborah (Queen Bee), arose,
    until I arose, a mother in Israel.

Ancient Israel did NOT have Highways as we call them so I have separated the word highways to High Ways. This is referring to the worship of Asherah and El in the High Places. And the winding paths are referring to the many different Jewish traditions that were created. Deborah, is actually symbolic of the return of the Goddess, as mother once again in Israel.  Her name Deborah, meaning Queen Bee, is an ancient epithet dating back to ancient Africa our mother civilization. Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom and military strategy, and also alluded to in Proverbs by King Solomon was derived from this ancient Queen Bee goddess of creation and her high priestesses were called the Melissae.

magdalene 1

This is what Wicca is based loosely on. Jesus Christ brought back the Goddess, with his redemption of Her played out in Mark 16:9 and John 12:3. The sanctification of Mary Magdalene, casting out seven demons, parallel to the seven veils of Inanna, and then her perfuming his feet which is symbolically done prior to a wedding ceremony by the bride to her husband. This ritual called Hieros Gamos, was the cleansing and marriage of the God and Goddess, El and Elat.  Magdalene playing the role of Asherah, publicly and  symbolically reconciled El, as Jesus, back to Herself.  Because of His sacrifice for Her she now empowers him with everlasting life and finally returns to the Kingdom of Heaven after her time on Earth dwelling as the Shekinah with her children. Now the Shekinah indwells inside YOU! Goddess Asherah is the Kingdom of God that Jesus taught His believers to seek. She is the Holy Spirit and it is through her love, worship and guidance that humanity finally has found a Mother again.

So if any of you have lost a Mother on earth, take heart….your Heavenly Mother has lived inside you all along.

Jesus and Asherah Holy Spirit
Jesus and Asherah Holy Spirit

Goddess Blessings!

I love you,



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  1. Floyd Terry says:

    Very, very interesting. I have been studying the seven feasts and the ancient tabernacle, pursuing a system of clues that are hidden because the modern church didn’t not know how, of where, to look. You have given me one more path to chase. Thank you!

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