Balance & Love: Libra New Moon Magick

Good Morning Lovelies!

Are you preparing for this Libra New Moon on October 12th, exact at 8:06 pm EDT. Pacific Coast (US) Moon followers will have exactness at 5:06 pm PDT. Greenwich Mean Time exact alignment is at 12:06 am, October 13th.

new moon blessing libra

Different aspect of your life will be affected depending on what house on your astrological birth chart Libra sits in. So it would be wise to go to to learn more about your chart. The New Moon is about new beginnings and with the Libra/Venus influence, it is about new beginnings with the energy of beauty, love, harmony, justice and commitment. So if say your Moon falls in the house of finances in your chart then you will be most affected by this moon financially. However, the moon does affect every aspect of your emotional and intuitive life.

This New Moon is bringing a breath of fresh air and vitality to those situations or relationships you thought may have been broken or unfixable. It is like a blessing after the Mercury Retrograde basically hijacked our communication and completely disrupted our relationships. This is a good time for quiet meditation, releasing negative behaviors and addictions and starting fresh. I learned alot this retrograde about my destructive patterns of self-sabotage. I am releasing all of my negative patterns of communication and habits. I am focusing more on my health, loving people without all of my baggage and fears, and just accepting life unconditionally. My choices and focus have shifted and I feel much more relaxed with the understanding that all will be as it will be, as long as I strive to better myself first!

Now is also the perfect time to de-clutter and purify anything in your home as well as your computer and cell phone. This energy can drag you down without you even knowing it!  Let go and let Goddess! On the New Moon we need to be ready with a clean home, clean car, and clean life. Also have no fears about releasing negative karmic soul ties. If you do this, if there is love within the midst of it, the love will still remain. What is necessary is not always cutting people out of your life, but cutting the ties to negative cycles of behavior with those people.

new moon libra abundance tips

This is also the key time to visualize new career choices, school success, new or renewed relationships and creating works of art. Libra is all about love and beauty and partnership. So this is the energy you should be looking to bring to every area of your life. Think creatively, with fairness, altruism, art, music, and romantic love. Now is NOT the time to get bogged down in worry, stress, over thinking or evaluation and analysis. That is from that Virgo energy which is leaving and you must let go of to start this new period off with success!

Light My Fire!

Light a candle and say a prayer. Or meditate, do a sacred ritual, or create a vision board of what you desire! Since it is Libra Season you can use music, art, or creative writing to convey your desires. If in a relationship and you are seeking to mend it, as this is the perfect time for restoration, use a song, poem, dance or other creative expression to show your love. As we burn our Sage or Magical Herbs to welcome new beginnings and new abundance as well as new and better choices in our life. It is time to cut our cords with our negative and selfish habits and appreciate the beauty around us. And this is true for all; Witches and CHRISTIANS alike!

Christian Witch Point Of View

Write yourself a New Moon Check! And cash it in!
Write yourself a New Moon Check! And cash it in!

In the Bible the Hebrews based all of their rituals, holy days and such on the moon cycle. In fact, Christians, Jesus crucifixion was set on the Sabbath New Moon, because God designed this time as a symbol of new life and new birth which is what His death is supposed to mean. Anyway, take advantage of this time as  we submerge our shadow selves into the Venusian Goddess of the death and transformation. Fear not her snake like shedding of our old and tired scales. Let us step out of the patterns of yesterday that has only brought us sorrow.

The first thing we must to is cleanse and purify our home and sacred space. Then we can create an altar to honor your desires as well as the deities of abundance and fruitfulness. CHRISTIANS can get out their Bible, place rosary beads on their altar or statues and pictures to represent their Lord.

This creates a sacred atmosphere and readies the spirit for worship. Crush herbs over charcoal, do a candle spell or simply light some myrrh incense and pray. I have included in images some great spells I found on the Internet. Of course add or alternate some Ingredients to make the spell your own. Never do things precisely as another, follow your intuition for what you need. 

venus fertility spell libra

Then prepare your body with a spiritual bath, anoint yourself with oil and reverence. This builds up spiritual energy for your creative visualization or spell work.

Now, it is time to cash our check in! We require the abundance of the promise which is our due. This divine inheritance given through the grace and power of Lord and Lady, God and Goddess, from Father to Son and Mother to Daughter.   Remember to thank them in faith for that which has already begun! It helps to have your gratitude list already on your altar.

Singing a song of praise and worship to Father God and Holy Spirit is a wonderful way to thank them for the coming abundance and fresh start headed your way.

venus libra spell

I love you!



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