Angels & Goddesses: Communicating with your Spirit Guides

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel Photo credit: Katherine Skaggs-Healing Earth Angel

Angels and Goddesses are universal beings that guide humans no matter what divine trail we follow. Certain spiritual faiths believe in one Goddess, while others believe in many aspects of one Goddess in the form of different female deity. I believe that Goddess energy can take form and shape into whatever we need or desire for the greater well being and harmony of our life path and the planet. I feel the same way about masculine God energy.

So this is my handy-dandy checklist of how Angels & Goddesses make themselves known, from my own personal experience, as well as examples of how to commune with them. I learned how to communicate with Angels and Goddesses from my guru Doreen Virtue. Her book Angel Therapy was instrumental in helping me understand how to access the realm of the Angels.

Angel Symbols & Communication

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  1. bob says:

    many blessings most beautiful sister of faith may our goddess continue to guide and protect you on your journey thi is my will so mote it be

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    1. So mote it be! And blessings my friend!


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