Divine Feminine

From the beginning of time the Goddess was worshipped as the Divine Creatrix of all creation. She wove on her web, carried in her womb and birthed from her vagina all that is and will ever be. 

Glorious She, gave birth to the sun, the moon and the stars, and even in the Holy Bible is written to be wearing all of heaven as her garments! (Revelations) 

In ancient Egypt, She began as the Ankh and breath of life, then her breasts became the very constellations in the sky as Mht Weret who shape shifted into hundreds of goddess forms so immense is She. 

The Sphinx was a symbol of the Divine Feminine Goddess Wisdom.   
Most Wiccans, and Pagans believe in One God that is Father and Mother God that together makes up the universal soul. They, just like Christians, give their Gods a personality and story. They also believe God is omnipotent and can this shape shift into any form he or she chooses. 

Pagans, just like Christians believe that Father God took on the form of a human and walked the earth as Lord Jesus and Mary became the embodiment of the Mother Creatrix Goddes, who later became identified by the early apostles as the Holy Spirit.   

Most religions believe in the birthing Goddess and the sacrificial dying King God. That is why I love Wicca so much! Wicca embodies the TRUTH of the revelation of the Christ by giving honor and worship to the divine feminine aspect Jesus taught is the Kingdom of God. 

She is Mother Wisdom who was worshipped by the Israelites in the desert as El Shaddai, the many breasted Goddess, Asherah, Ruach ha Kodesh and Shekinah. Even Jesus in the books of Matthew and John declare the Goddess Wisdom as our Mother. 

One can not be whole and balanced without an inner standing and relationship with BOTH God and Goddess. We live and move and have our very being in Her, for She is the Womb of life, the Birther of Salvation and Eternal Life!   

I celebrate the Goddess in all of her aspects as she is the divinity within my ver soul. She reminds me of who I was created to be and my role as a woman towards mankind. Women are her Goddess representatives and  not only hold Her light within us but are the actual flesh of Her image, just as man is Father God’s. 

This is not to be denied women. For too long we have lived a people as a motherless nation. It is time, like Deborah the Judge Prophetess, that Goddess rises up a Mother to us all! I worship her as Holy Spirit, but I see the other Goddesses as aspects of herself, attributes of Her that become a source of strength and Wisdom for me. I don’t worship these Goddess forms but I have a relationship with them just as I do with the Holy Angels.   

Goddesses everywhere it is time we reclaim our throne and show the world the true daughters of the universe that we are and govern this Earth as is our inheritance. No longer shall we sit in the shadows weeping, or as temple prostitutes on the side of the road like Gomer. We were promised a husband of the most high God! Don’t you realize this makes you Divine? 

Ladies take up your crown and rule! 

Blessed Be the Witches of the Most High God! 

I love you, 



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  1. bob says:

    many blessings as always my truly wonderul sister of faityh may our mother goddes continue to guide and bless you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Goddess blessings on you my friend!


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