Shekinah, The Goddess of Love

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Hebrew Goddess of Love


As I was reading over my blog post Freaky Friday Sex Magick; I realized that I have never written a post on Shekinah in her aspect as the Goddess of Love. So let’s get into this, shall we? Originally, Shekinah was named the Goddess Asherah, and she was the Hebrew Mother Creator. She, along with her husband EL or otherwise called YHWH, created the world. In the Bible, it seems clear if you read the original translations, King Solomon saw her as a triple Goddess. He said She is B’reshith, Chokmah and Binah, in other words she is the Beginning, Wisdom and Understanding. (Proverbs)  Goddess Asherah was the Mother of the world, a heavenly Eve, who was and is still considered the heavenly the Mother of Israel. However, because of the curse of mankind, due to the fall of Adam, women sought to give birth to the Messiah. As the curse said that only the seed of woman could liberate all from complete destruction. Also women were revered as mothers because they were likened to the Goddess, due to their ability to produce a living being. Being a mother was the most important goal for women in that time. As you read in the old testament, most in the stories of the Bible, endured trials and tribulations that mostly stemmed from the inability to produce children.

Even Paul said that before Jesus, women were redeemed only through childbirth. This was because only through childbirth could both man and woman redeem their status as the children of God. Why? Because by creating children they likened themselves as being blessed by God as divine inheritors of His grace. In fact, a man was not allowed to teach in the synagogue unless he was married!  (Hence, Jesus was married during the time he taught in the Temple.) In short, fertility was of the utmost importance to the Hebrew people and was very interrelated to their spiritual practices. So the women offered raisin cakes baked in the shape of a a goddess to Mother Asherah to ensure their fertility. In other cultures she may have been named Aphrodite, Inanna, Hathor, Freya, Gwnhyfar, or Oshun. It does not matter what name you give her, the Goddess energy is as real as the God energy, and she was worshiped with much celebration everywhere!

But after the prophets and kings did away with the old ways of the Goddess in Israel,(and other countries), the original Hebrews had to find a way to worship Her still without retribution. King Solomon once called the glory of God, the Shekinah. So the Hebrew people later adopted that name for their Goddess, who to this day may distinguish from the Holy Spirit, though we now know they are one and the same. However, Shekinah is presently regarded as the Queen of the Sabbath and the residing Spirit that governs marriage. Modern day Jews believe that if you are good, kind and loving towards your spouse the Shekinah will come and dwell in your home and bestow upon your family blessings. You will be fruitful and multiply, receive abundance and all manners of favor over your lives.

Present Day Fertility Goddess

La Familia Katherine Skaggs
La Familia Katherine Skaggs

Every Friday, the fertility Goddess of Love is worshiped, and the wife of the house is treated as the living representative of the Goddess. Women are not allowed to cook or work, as she is to be served and catered to as a way of worshiping the Goddess within her.  Surprisingly the Jews still bake a hot crossed bun which strangely is still very much reminiscent of the shape of Goddess Asherah. They sing songs of worship to the Shekinah, ask for her blessings and say a prayer to her. It is a day of much joy and celebration. Now, the present day Jews mostly do not perceive the Shekinah as the Goddess, let alone Goddess Asherah. But it is very plain to see that this is the case in view of the sacred traditions accompanying each Sabbath that mimics the fertility rites done in the times of ancient Israel. Can you imagine that Jews do this every Friday? And during the Full and New moon, they celebrate even harder! All of these celebrations typically fall on Friday. A coincidence? No!

To further my case, on the night of the Sabbath, it is REQUIRED that, the husband and wife have sexual intercourse, when they retire to their bed chambers. During this time the Shekinah dwells over them and blankets them with her blessings of love and fertility. Now with all of this said, you are looking at the modern day fertility ritual and worship of the Goddess of Love, from the very own originators of the Christian faith! The Goddess whether spoken or unspoken is the foundation of all that Love is and all that is spirituality. The Goddess of Love and fertility is the oldest deity worshiped in recorded history, and to the Jews, even predates animism. When Adam was presented with his Shekinah, his Eve, he declared her Woman. After the fall and God said it would be her seed which would save mankind, Adam gave her a title, calling her Eve, “The Mother Of ALL THE LIVING.”

How To Honor The Goddess of Love


So how do we honor her since we are not Jews?  Take a moment to honor the sacred Goddess essence of your wife, mother or significant mother figure in your life!

Next Friday why don’t you take some time out and celebrate the Goddess Shekinah? Bake, or you can buy freshly made from your neighborhood Publix, the hot crossed bread, and dress your table with all of it’s finery. Honor the Mother or Wife in your home with songs of praise, dancing and poems of love.  Pamper her, and make her feel, see and know how special she is to you! And give God/dess the glory for her creation. You truly will receive an abundance of miraculous blessings in your household and in your life. God said, ” He that finds a wife, finds a good thing.” If God names a woman a GOOD thing, just as he named the Earth, the Sun and the Moon good things….how MIRACULOUS and SPECIAL does God perceive womankind? As a Christian, Jew, or Pagan we all serve and follow God and/or Goddesses lead, so why should we not follow these wishes as well?

Honoring the divine feminine every week, even in a small way, ensures the continued blessings of any home. Even if you are alone and have no mother or a wife to honor, you can still give love and appreciation to Shekinah. A shepherd boy named David used to sing Her songs of worship, and as you know he later became King of all Israel! As a single man or woman, you can pay special attention to any woman in your life. Give your girlfriend a flower, and take her on a date Friday night. BTW….this is where that standard originated as the Jewish Sabbath begins on Friday night after the sunsets. Teach your children to create a special day to honor the divine feminine. If you are looking for a special romantic partner in your life honoring the Love Goddess will surely bring love to your doorstep. But not only that, honoring the divine feminine brings an internal balance into your soul as well as your relationships, career pursuits, and spiritual practices. If every single day, we honor the divine masculine. Can the Goddess have but one day of your time?

Rainbow Kisses and Sugar Plum Dreams!

I Love You, Ostara


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  1. autumnraine23 says:

    I was actually converting to Judaism a while back and I always felt so drawn to the Shekinah. Every Shabbat (Sabbath) which started sundown Friday evening, you could feel Her peace and love descend upon you as you light the candles and when you blessed both the wine and challah (the Jewish egg bread made for Shabbat). I was such a profound and beautiful experience that I still continue on with. Brightest of Blessings to you!

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