(Book Excerpt) Goddess Pandora: Busting The Myth

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Thanks for liking and reading this post! Today I am giving you a little glimpse into the book I have been working on for seven years! From poverty to my own home, from rape to a healthy relationship, from child abuse to creating a loving family….that is what the series The Baby Mama’s Guide will be presenting, starting with the first book of the series From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen. You will grow as I grow. We will walk hand and hand to becoming the Goddess, starting with taking a seat on the throne as Queen!

It has been a slow process of evolution that began with a notebook and an ink pen and has soon became a 22 chapter book! This book is about my spiritual development from a very victim like, whoa is me, broken single mother to a Goddess! I hope that you will enjoy my perspective as there aren’t many who teach about the Goddess spiritual path from the perspective of a single mother. I am Universal in my spiritual path as well as my race, as I am multi-racial.  I really love your likes or comments as this will help me create an even more impactful book that will teach the power of the divine feminine and bring healing to the lives of broken women all over the world!

Goddess Pandora gift to the World.
Goddess Pandora gift to the World.

The Baby Mama’s Guide Presents

From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen

How to create and sustain the life of your dreams when you’ve been broken.

By Ostara

This is a call to all women. It is time to carry the light through the Divine Feminine, a seed that was planted long ago is now  ready to be birthed. You are emissaries of Divine Truth, Love and Peace.  It is time to remember your reason for being, and awaken the Divine Feminine Essence of Creation that is within you.

According to the myth, Pandora was the first created woman on Earth. She opened a jar releasing all the evils of mankind leaving only Hope inside, once she had closed it again. She opened the jar out of simple curiosity and not as a malicious act.  In the myth, Zeus, the king of the gods, commands Hephaestus to mold the first woman from Earth. She becomes a “beautiful evil” whose descendants would torment the race of men. Athena dresses her in a silvery gown, an embroidered veil, garlands and an ornate crown of silver. Hesiod wrote:

“From her is the race of women and female kind:
of her is the deadly race and tribe of women who
live amongst mortal men to their great trouble,
no helpmates in hateful poverty, but only in wealth.”

goddess nubia pandora

When Pandora first appears before gods and mortals, “wonder seized them” as they looked upon her. But she was “sheer guile, not to be withstood by men.”

Just like the mythological Pandora, we as women are not born to calamity, but through the misfortune of our becoming have it placed indelibly into our hands. We were born crafted in the very image of God. And yet through the circumstances of our birth, poverty, dysfunctional homes, alcoholism, drug addiction, physical abuse, denial, neglect, rejection and rape; we are wonderfully crafted into this world and then forcefully shaped by the perception of the people around us. Left to our own workings and understanding we open the jar and unleash more pain and suffering on our children and the rest of the world. We seek the answer to one question. Where is our hope?

The name Pandora actually means “all-giving”. Once this great mythological woman was not the destroyer of man, but the Savior! Out of spite and deception men took her story and changed it turning it into something destructive to help create a patriarchal world order.  In the beginning of the world, women ruled it not men. Pandora was a gift from Goddess to man just as Eve was for Adam. She came and taught hope….but it was man, greedy to learn more that opened up her jar and let out all the evil onto the world. This was not originally a myth but a great prophecy of the coming or the “man-ruled” earth and the peril it would bring. There was only one thing left in the jar that did not get let out. This one thing is what would save us from the destruction by evil men. This Pandora kept hidden in her jar until the right time. You know what that was?  It was Hope. So she would have a chance again one day to help humanity.


What was it about Pandora, a human woman that caused them first to look at her in “wonder” and then later she becomes evil incarnate?  I believe this is synonymous with the natural inclination women have to intuition. Women were known all over the world to be prophetic and true leaders of Wisdom. In the Bible both King Solomon and Jesus Christ call Wisdom a woman and Mother of mankind.  The Holy Spirit is defined as the Shekinah, a Mother-like essence of God in ancient Judaic writings and holy books. So what happened?  Men took her gifts and corrupted it with greed, selfish desire and war. A woman’s intuition became a bartering system for men of great power to use for dominion and brutal control over others.  The hope left in the jar was the prophecy of  Jesus Christ.  Born of a woman with the gifts of a woman, He would lead the world in peace, love and great self-dominion and power.  Yet even His gifts have become tainted, corrupted by the greed of the Nicene council and the horrifying murder of His followers during the witch burnings.

So who then must be to blame? Woman kind of course, for if it wasn’t for her being so wonderful and powerful and enthralling men with her gifts, this never would have happened.  She then becomes the essence of everything wrong with humankind.  Why does that seem the rule even today?  In many countries, women are not allowed to be educated and if you stand up for those rights you risk being shot in the head, or burned with acid or set on fire. In America, you are at risk for losing jobs and raising your children alone and in poverty. All of this on top of the normal everyday persecutions women face like incest, rape, adultery and legalized prostitution called “barely legal” thinking in this society.  America has become a country that legalizes teenage girls to have sex with old men, while our young men are drafted to die in a war they did not create.   I mean look at the women in Hollywood. The skinnier, small breasted waifish girls are deemed the most beautiful.  Why? Because they look like little girls and society as a whole has turned subtly pedophilic.  Corrupted innocence is so much more appealing than legitimate consensual pleasure.  So who is really running the country?   It is man…wicked, self-serving mankind.

teen skinny pandora pandora homeless motherwhite teen in bikini pandora

This is the society we live in. These women are the result of what I call Spiritual Abuse. It is a quiet decimation of their Goddesshood and the consequence of striping away the Divine Feminine in the majority of religions. It is the perpetuation of the state and country that continues to enslave their divinely feminine mind, exploit their glorious identity, and create a complete poverty with their integrity.

Just as many Christian pastors and evangelists are quick to point out that the Bible says it was Adam created first from the earth and Adam who named all the animals, referring to the First Man Adam in the book of Genesis. Many scholars are equally quick to point out that, also, in Genesis it states that God called BOTH man and woman ADAM. So that means they BOTH were formed of clay and BOTH received the Breath of Life and BOTH named the animals together.  In fact, they were so inseparable that even when the Great Serpent introduced the conception of LOW-SELF ESTEEM (I AM not what God says I AM) they were side by side. When God created mankind he made them male AND female; I know, apparently men did not get the memo.

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Ostara, age 17, graduation day
Ostara, age 17, graduation day

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  1. swanofdreamers says:

    Ostara, I have been reading your blog for a while. I find your posts fascinating and interesting. I am wishing you much success with your book!


    1. Thank you so much Swanofdreamers! Taking a deep breath and diving in. Hope I can stay afloat. Bwahaha Thanks 4 the blessing SiStar! 🙏


  2. bob(loki) says:

    as always my lady thank you many blessings

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    1. Awww!! You’re so welcome Bob! I hope all is well.


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