Samhain Witchery 

Blessed Samhain my sweets!   

I hope you are having fun making delectable soul cakes and delicious rum concoctions for your Witchy celebration! Now is the time we honor our loved ones and ancestors on the other side with celebration and joy! 

We set a place for them at our table and invite them into our homes as we prepare for our new year! It is important to know that they are with us always. All year round we should honor and communicate with them but during Samhain they are given a seat of special honor. For we know without them we would not be here. 

This is a time of great MAGICK and intuition. Manifestation and intuition are heightened for spell work and tarot card reading. I would love to channel a special reading for you through my Angelic guides and my tarot cards. Email me at for a magical reading or prayer! My Halloween special is only $20 for a two question reading! 

Samhain and Halloween Traditions

A friend of mine recently went to visit a Halloween theme park and sent me a photo of the Apple Bobbing there!  

 Apple Bobbing began as a tradition of marriage and fertility. If you slice an apple you will see the shape of a five pointed star inside. This was a symbol of the Goddess Pomona who blessed marriages and children. It is said if you bob for an apple and catch it in your teeth you will be soon to marry!   

The Jack O’ Latern is another tradition that comes from the Celtic Myth of a man who died and tricked both God and Satan so that he did not have to go either place hoping to return home. But instead he was made to wonder for eternity and was given a turnip and a coal from hell to light his way. 

This is where the Jack O’Latern originated and people would sit it in their porch to guide poor wandering souls lost in the dark. Still want one? You really never know what lost soul may find you. Now do you? Bwahahaha 🎃😈  

 Halloween Treats

Trick or treating came from All Souls Day on November 1st celebrated by the Catholic Church before Samhain took over on October 31st, Hallow’s Eve. Priests and wealthy parishioners would pass out soul cakes to the poor in exchange for their prayers for their ancestors. Later it became candy as this was the least expensive. You can make a soul cake in any shape. 

     Ghost shaped soulcakes painted with icing. 

A large harvest soul cake pictured below for an outside ritual and gathering.   

And how about quenching your thirst with a little rum? I call this the Cap’n Jack Sparrow!   

Recipe found on Pinterest! 

And let us not forget the most important thing~Our Altar! 

Creating a sacred space for our loved ones crossed over and to honor our ancestors is of utmost importance at this time of year. It is how we as Witches bring our family in unity towards the new year! I am honoring my father and my four grandmothers who have passed on. My great grandmother came from Scotland. Here is part of my altar.  

 On the other side are the feathers and seashells that make up the rest of the five elements each representing one of those crossed over: my Dad Raymond( Spirit,Tutsi Warrior) Alice (Fire,Creole), Lillian (Water,Scottish)  Charlotte (Wind,Navajo) Mable (Earth, Bajan) 

I have my Crystals for earth, Feather for wind, Incense for fire and Seashells for water. Spirit represented by the Sun, Moon and my Lion of Judah of course! Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus are behind my Spirit symbols as I am a Christian Witch. 

Well I’m off to take the kids to more trick or treating! Have a safe and blessed Samhain! 

I love you, 




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