Impractical Intuition 

Hi my sugar drops!   

I’m in Florida, so it’s still pretty warm here for November. These sultry nights always put love on my mind. Lately, some things didn’t turn out the way I hoped and I was kinda melancholy. But I learned something very valuable today. 

I was sitting at church and we began talking about how this man rode a donkey, in the Bible, and the donkey spoke! Strange little story there, the master riding and the donkey having an argument. 

The story begins with the master wanting to go a certain way, but the donkey saw an Angel with a flaming sword block his path and so carried him the other way. Now at church I likened that to having a relationship with Jesus. But here Spirit wants me to share it with you in a different way. 

Just like the donkey, who got beat by his master, that went left instead of right, witches live that life everyday. Mainstream society marches right, but our intuition and knowledge of the unseen world leads us left. 

No one can quite understand it. In my love situation it appeared that I was crazy being in love with someone that has stated a hundred times he has no intention for me in that way. Societal standards would dictate that I look elsewhere. And though I see no evidence of his love my intuition and my heart say “wait for him.” So here I am waiting for this illusory love. But perhaps I see the Angel in my path just like that donkey? 

Christian society thinks of Witchcraft, tarot cards and Witches as evil, but we know the higher truths and ways of Spirit, having an even more intimate relationship often with the same God they serve! So in that way we too are like that donkey. 

I think it ironic that a donkey carried Jesus, son of Hod, into the city to be honored as spiritual King. In that sense, I believe it is us, the Witches that are the real unseen hands of Spirit and Christ consciousness. We are not the regal stallion that Christianity or Islam is, rather we are the Donkey, that was empowered with supernatural sight and miraculous speech! 

So when you are faced with challenges in your life, what if we take a chance on a different path than others and follow our  intuition instead of tradition? What if that unshakeable feeling I had in the pit of my stomach saying this man is my husband,  that vision from God was right? Maybe, I saw something, just like that donkey, that others did not see? 

Should I go right or stay left? But perhaps, like that donkey, going left I get beaten, crush my masters foot, and risk his wrath? Well, the longer I stayed bugging him it  left my friend angrier each time. At this point he’s barely speaking to me if at all. 

I have learned that what I did wrong was talk about it. I screamed to the world and to him, but you are my husband! You are my TwinFlame! But the donkey did not speak until God opened her mouth! 

So there are times when we may receive a seemingly impractical intuitive insight, or our very spiritual path is impractical, but we need not shout about it. We simply trudge along, headed in the right direction until Spirit says,” Now speak your truth.” 

I hope this blessed you today! 

I love you, Ostara  


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  1. swanofdreamers says:

    Hi Ostara, I enjoy reading your blog. I’m intuitive too. I feel we get spiritual guidance on things that will happen, sometimes we get overexcited and want it to happen now. It’s not the right time. I have learned this the hard way. 😊 I’m sure the day will come when you and your twin flame will be together. It will flow easily and right.

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    1. I agree. And I’m waiting for that day.


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