Gemini Full Moon: A Lesson In Thanksgiving! 

Full Moon in Gemini and it’s the perfect time to pray for better communication, public relations, travel and writing careers. At a time that division and segregation are becoming what’s in, families are celebrating their material abundance from God but failing to perceive their abundance in each other. Families are still divided, thanksgiving has been divided into black versus white. And we have become forgetful of the bigger picture.

 This Gemini full moon people of lower vibrations will continue to exacerbate our duality as people in a negative light. However, we as wise ones, healers, witches, Shamans, Lightworkers and Christians need to elevate the vibration with our wisdom and love! 

This is a fantastic moon to kick off our Thanksgiving celebrations in the United States! The Gemini moon governs communication, travel, duality and public relations. I pray the goddess blesses your family with safe travel and positive communications.   

The Goddess Seshat presides over creative writing and Lord Thoth/Jesus over travel and communication. The lesson in the full moon of Gemini is about bringing things of duality into one accord. You must release the negative thoughts and fears within you to establish holistic integration with your mind, body and soul. Energy healing is stronger during this cycle so Reiki masters are extraordinarily powerful. 

Also my spirit guides are telling me past life karma and issues will reach resolution during this moon cycle. As above so below will be reflected in our lives as Spirit patiently teaches us that which is manifested in Heaven will materialize on Earth with faith and the power of our spoken word.   

As Thoth/Jesus is the Word of Ra, speaking life over your situations will birth all of your wishes and dreams. Goddess Seshat reminds us to write our desires carefully and rejoice in lifting poetic words in songs to celebrate the Great Goddess with gratitude. This will activate the Law of Attraction, which is High Magick at its best. 

I spent most the night and early morning cooking Thanksgiving dinner with my ex- mother in law. It’s funny as so many years back when I was married she was my biggest hater. I won her over with love mixed with faith. And even though we have many differences here she is spending the night and working with me joyfully to create a bountiful feast for our family. I walk my talk, trust me. I hope you all have a blessed holiday. Full moon blessings to you and yours! 

I love you, Ostara  


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