Miss Goodwitch’s Thanksgiving! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Isn’t Goddess bountiful? I am thankful to my Father and Mother in Heaven for abundant blessings yesterday, today and tomorrow. Just wanted to share my Thanksgiving with you! I really love you all and appreciate all of your support!   

Family, Goddess and Football!!! They just couldn’t stop eating my food! I like to cook a good ol’ fashion soul food feast from scratch for my family. I was up five in the morning baking a honey ham and sage turkey. Ironically, I couldn’t even eat half my plate! 

But my mother and my daughter could! 😉 Picture please before we pray! Cheese!!!   

Blessings! I love you all! 



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  1. bob says:

    full moon blessings my lady this thanks giving may our gracious mother continue to guide you on your most awesome journey you have been a great inperation for me as i am just a solitare up here not much for us witches n wizards so i give you thanks for you are truly blessed

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    1. Thank you Bob! Happy Holidays to you my friend


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