Full Moon Romantic Love Meditation Magic

As the full moon approaches, now is a great time of preparation. Do you have fears and doubts lingering in you because of past relationship issues and childhood trauma? It is because you are still spiritually attached to your former relationship or that abuse. Now is the time to release them and FREE YOURSELF!Β πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ΌπŸ‘Ό

I have created a special Romance and Love Blockage Release Meditation.


This will help nourish your existing relationships and stop the cycle of negativity that plays on repeat in your romantic life. Pray and ask Archangel Michael or Jesus to cleanse and clear away all attachments to all of your ex relationships and childhood traumas.


Visualize Archangel Michael or Jesus with a mighty laser beam of pure light and love carefully cutting all the nasty malignant cancerous cords of attachment you are tethered to with those people or situations. Then imagine Archangel Michael or Lord Jesus touching you with their hands and healing your wounded heart with a divine Emerald green light.


Feel this light spread from your heart outwards to every inch of your body bathing you in green loving healing light. Then imagine a pink and loving light streaming from your heart to the heart of the person you love. Imagine that clear pink light of love coming back to you. Now imagine that both of you together send the pink light of love directly to the hearts of all those that have hurt you.


Forgiving them with God’s healing compassion. Then cut the cords of light leaving them with a pink glowing heart and look to your loved one. Anytime you feel stress or fear in your existing relationship do this meditation and it will free you.

Β Β 
And for you singles the Full Moon is the optimal time to call your soul mate. Get a piece of red paper and white crayon or white paper and red pen. Anoint a pink candle with special oil. I use Isis oil with a bit of Frankinsence and Myrrh but you can use olive oil or coconut oil if prayed over positively. I like to sing into my oil praise songs of worship to make it more potent.

Then anoint your candle, rubbing the oil with your finger on three sides of the candle and at its base. If you have some dried rose petals and lavender you can roll the candle in the crushed blossoms.

Carve at the bottom the word love, or the Hebrew or rune symbol for love. Ring a bell or clap your hands three times and clear the energy. Burning sage incense or dragons blood is perfect. Also lily of the valley or Rose is good too. Call the Angels to surround you with protection and love.

Write out a small poem calling your beloved on your prayer. Draw an image that will stand for your beloved. If you were married it would be a picture. And the poem would be an affirmation. As a soul mate calling poem it should sing of your beloveds great attributes. Song of Solomon is a great example of a soul mate calling spell. πŸ˜‰

Next light your candle and sing your poem. Visualize your soulmate coming towards you and embracing you. Visualize your pink heart lights connecting, energizing and symphonic ally cleansing your of all blockages. Imagine this light growing bigger and circling all around you shielding the two of you in the pink glowing light feeding your souls.

Now call and say AWAKEN BELOVED, COME TO ME.

After this thank God and Her Holy Angels for the love support and protection. Ask them to carry your call to the soul mate of God’s highest wish for you.

Then stay busy with your life and wait completely celibate for your mate to come for you. Trust me. In due time, they will. Remember it is all in divine timing. So don’t be discouraged. Just thank God and Goddess daily that they are on their way!

We are energy and all is love! 🌺Blessed Be Love, Ostara The Good

Also to book a reading please message me here or email me: ostaragoodwitch@gmail.com

$50 readings for a full hour of consultation with the Angelic and Spirit Realm thru tarot and Angel channeling. πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€πŸŽ€Β Β Β 
I Love You! -Ostara

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