Even A Fat Christian Girl Can Be A Goddess



The great gift of the Goddess is to be able to wield all the powers of the Universe to conceive the most effective and most sustaining forms of Healing – constantly creative – repeatedly conceiving new ways of bringing pureness and integrity into one’s heart so that you can manifest the fruit of that into your life.
To a lot of people the word, Goddess, inspires thoughts of worshiping idols, black magic and voodoo. What about the word, God? When we think of the word God most people think of discipline, order, law, love and omnipotence. Why the double standard? I have news for you God considers everyone on the face of the earth gods. In the Bible: John 10:34,” Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods’?” and Psalms 82:6,” “I said, ‘You are “gods”; you are all sons of the Most High.’”
We are created in the direct image of Goddess the Holy Spirit Mother and of God the Holy Spirit Father. Yet as a woman our very nature is wrapped in the core of whom She is and as we begin our journey back to our dear Divine Mother we finally find our purpose! I believe that is true for both men and women, no matter what your sexual orientation is or what religion you express your faith and worship to God.
There are the simple values and laws that the Holy Spirit teaches us to follow. I call these the Laws of Mother Wisdom or Mother Nature. The Laws of Mother Nature, which like the physics that governs the stars, governs our very reality. Once we learned to “play” within God’s laws, now we become the law and fulfill our great destiny’s as healers, prophets, teachers and “love generators” on the planet and beyond! Lolz… It is time we take our rightful place beside our men. Not before or behind, but side by side supporting, encouraging and equal inheritors and rulers of the Universe! That is right Universe!
I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. There are many Goddess religions all throughout the world, but most people believe Christianity and Judaism is not one of them. That is a lie.

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Now as a fat chick, growing up in a Christian community I had much to have low self-esteem about. The bible goes out of it’s way at times to delegate women to second class citizenship. And it can be very confusing. On top of that society’s standards of beauty fluctuate between skinny, super fit or curvy with a minuscule tummy; neither one of these definitions fit me at all. It has taken some time but finally I have come to accept myself as I am. When I surrendered to the majestic beauty of the Goddess Holy Spirit I learned that she is the vast energy that is in all of nature. She is supply, and wide and full and has rolling hills, and huge thighs and large milk giving breasts. And though I continue to strive to be healthy by exercising and eating right I love my curves, my tummy and all that I am.

It does not matter what size or shape or age or color I am. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am creative. I am brilliant! In recognizing the truth of my beauty and fragrant gifts to offer to this planet I began to celebrate the uniqueness of my being. In the midst of my being I am present in the now of life. I no longer shudder to stand up to address my peers or feel intimidated when I enter a room full of strangers. Life has taught me how strong and unbreakable I am. Goddess has taught me how lovely and exotic my rare beauty is, like all women we are all one of kind flowers gracing the fertile soil of Earth. I am at peace with my sexuality, my breasts, my vulva and my nakedness. I am at peace with my thighs, my belly, my hips and my buttocks. I am at peace within the folds on my skin, the roundness of my flesh and the humor in my smile.


I LOVE ALL OF YOU! THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE LIKES AND FACEBOOK SHARES AND GOOGLE PLUS! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING MY BLOG, AND CONNECTING WITH ME FOR TAROT READINGS AND INSPIRATION! For those new to my blog you can email me direct at ostaragoodwitch@gmail.com with your phone number and three questions and send $50 to my paypal of the same email for a reading. Once I receive the transaction I will give you a personal call. My readings are Spirit channeled as well as guided by tarot and many other angelic or witchy decks.

Sun-drenched Honey Dew Kisses! Luv, Ostara

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  1. bob says:

    my lady i have never in the years ive been following u never have i ever seen u fat u are so damn cute as is ur family hehe sorry vut i do understand though

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww…thank you! ❤ But yes I am a plus size woman. ❤


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