Clairsentience: Can U Feel Me?

Ostara, The Good


As soft as a feather, as swift as an autumn breeze rippling across the nape of your neck, sweet like honey I can feel the energy of Spirit all around me.  This is the call of a Clairsentient.  She is attuned to the source of energy and feelings, touch and vibration swirl around her in a cataclysmic burst of colors!

It was subtle when I first discovered that along with having open visions, that I was also intuitive with smells and emotion.  I also could see intuitively from a sense of touch.  In fact, it was my very first introduction into the world of Spirit.  I remember walking home from school one day and suddenly the horrible smell of Bud Light beer and man’s cologne assaulted my nose.  With this smell came information that it was my mother’s boyfriend and I must at once, run home and protect her. …

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