Goddess of the Bible: Asherah, Queen of Heaven

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

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goddess (1).jpg asherah

I really love studying about the Goddess and the first Goddess I ever met was Asherah, the Holy Spirit and Queen of Heaven, as recorded in the Bible. In ancient Egypt, they identified her as the Holy and Sacred aspect of Goddess Hathor, and called her Qudushu, meaning holy.  Her name appellation is synonymous with Athirat, as her name Athirat Yam, means she who treads upon the waters, or the sea.  In West Africa, she became Yemaya and the Mother who birthed all of the other Orishas. Over and over again, in ancient cultures around the world we can read about this Goddess who birthed creation and was connected to the mighty sea. In Genesis, the Beginning is Asherah, and she is written to be hovering over the Sea as if to give birth. Here is a scriptural example with the gender of the creations written in parenthesis.

“In the…

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