A Medium’s Journey Through The Gates Of Heaven

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Hi ya’ll!


I have never really talked about my experiences on the other side or with beloved souls that have crossed over. Being a medium has been a slow and arduous process for me.  I did not come to this vocation joyfully. I came kicking and screaming in terror! My first full blown encounter with a soul from the other side was quite shocking and traumatic for me. But I am jumping ahead. First I want to define what is a true medium.  A medium is a person that can see into the spirit realms of existence. These realms exist parallel to the ones that we can see with our natural eyes.. These realms are NOT far away up in the sky somewhere, rather they are all around us and everywhere.

Now our spiritual senses are something that we must practice and develop. Everyone has these innate abilities, except some…

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