Addiction Recovery: Using The Goddess Law of Attraction

Ostara, The Good

Are You Ready To Change Your Future?

Are you ready to make your dreams and wishes come true? If yes, take time now to write down your goal. Because your Low Self is very concrete and literal, writing down your goal will show it that you are doing something real and not just daydreaming.
If not sure what you want, just write down your ideas. At this point you are simply brainstorming. Don’t worry about coming up with the perfect wording. Hesitation, worry or being critical will only put your Low Self out of the picture. Writing your ideas or your goal on paper will help eliminate the things that really don’t capture your imagination and will make any vague points more definite. Mull it over for a few days, and it will become very clear to you exactly what you want. By being very sure of your goal, you…

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