Angel Candle Magick

Ostara, The Good

angel magick  I absolutely LOVE Angels! Angels have no religious label. Anyone and everyone has a guardian Angel by their side.  Angels are gifts of love from Spirit. They communicate gently to us leading us towards the best life has to offer us, if we listen and yield to their guidance. I have seen Angels bestow miraculous healings and gifts upon those in the throes of worship and praise to the Creators. I have watched Angels dance gleefully in churches and wave furiously from grandmothers porches as I rode by on a sunny afternoon.  Angels are literally everywhere! And as a Witch, just like Rainbow’s, they follow me and fill my life with Magick!

Here is a magickal affirmation for communicating with your Angels to bring more abundance in your life.

O mighty Archangels Michael, Raziel, Metatron, Gadiel, Barakiel,Gamaliel and Shekinah, thank you for your Strength, Wisdom, Power, Abundance, Blessing, Rewards…

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