Soul Ties: Who Do You Love?

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

One of my followers on Facebook asked me to talk about Soul Ties.

What is a Soul Tie?


It all starts with that sideways glance, a slow licking of his lips, her easy smile, and your heart thumping madly in your chest. Attraction is instant! It is chemical, metaphysical, irrational, and never follows the rules.  Often we fall in love with people we least expect. The one we thought we never could get, or the one we thought that we least would want. However, inexplicably we found ourselves pulled towards them in a slow drag to love.

If the attraction isn’t spiritually edifying then it can be unhealthy. If you are drawn to someone that seeks to take without giving, love without listening, or give without expecting; you may have found yourself drawn into an unhealthy soul tie relationship. These relationships are marked with feelings of familiarity and understanding, and…

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