Triple Goddess Of Tarot: A Message of The Messiah?

Many Christians shy away from tarot. But did you know it was actually created by Jewish Christians who used it initially to teach the Tree of Life in Kaballah and the salvation of the world?

Ostara, The Good

Hello my Lovelies! Merry Meet!

You may find this utterly surprising; but did you know the original Tarot is actually based on the Kaballah tree of life? Did you fathom that tarot actually teaches us how to integrate the message of Christ and the Holy Spirit more deeply in our lives?

I stumbled on this subject when I as usual turned to my tarot for solace, healing and clarity in my life. Heartache had spurred a deeply transformative and meditative journey within myself. As I went through this transformation of ego and disengagement from the attachment I had to specific plans; I became fully aware of spirit speaking to me. My mind became awakened to the triple Goddesses within the tarot deck.  Here is how they can also speak to you.

My tarot cards have always been a source of comfort and hope for me as I face big issues…

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