Deep Waters: Astral Travel and Guided Meditation

I have been asked by many people how to Astral travel. I was on a quest to connect with my African ancestors and found myself experiencing both in this blog post. This is my experience and also a few tips to make your Astral travels a learning experience full of wonder!

Ostara, The Good

“Then I was transported to Egypt, where I lay upon an altar surrounded by fragrant fruit. Temple priestesses danced joyfully around me in the warm, candle lit interior of the temple. I marveled at the huge statues of the Sphinx and Goddess Hathor right beside me. I literally felt the fear and awe as if I was there.”-Excerpt from Deep Waters

So today I sit at my window and wonder what it is I wish to share with you all? Alot has happened in the last few days, that has awakened my mind to another vast realm of being.

Astral Travel


I have been astral journeying more than usual. In the past I would travel astrally, and then feel fatigued and rest my ability for many moons. Now I may rest a couple of days and head right back in.  I have been connecting with Spirit in an amazing way…

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  1. bob says:

    blessed sister i thank you for so many awesome n beautiful post you have the gift from our goddess i to have done several astro travels i have found a multitude of my paast lives all not so good and some i see where some of my merger energy comes from i have also seen what my angel son is up to after he assended to the heavens i send my love n blessing to you n your may you continue to do what you have been gifted as it is written let it be so merry part


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