Orisha Warriors: Astral Initiation

Voodoo is not all blood rituals and curses….in fact that is rare these days. I do not practice voodoo, but I love the beautiful history of West African spirituality. It’s also in my blood…I guess you can say, and several past lives. Well this was my very surprising introduction to the Orissa Warriors…my brothers, my guardian angels, my friends.

Ostara, The Good

I can feel that Warrior spiritual energy or aché flowing in my veins. I am not afraid of anything because I now have them, as well as my Archangels by my side to lead, guide and defend me. Even today, a barrier I had faced for a long time crumbled in the face of these active forces of nature in assignment in my life.


After I came back from my guided meditation experience with my bestie Sabra, I found myself feeling very sleepy. I laid on my couch back at home and sort of half asleep began to astral travel. I found myself in the midst of a celebration of sorts. The Warrior Orishas, Echu Elegguá, Ogún, Ochossi and Osun came forward dancing, each in their fierce warrior plumage, headdress and colors proudly on display. They also held their tools and weapons in their hands and began to fiercely combat…

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