Recognizing A Twin Flame From A Soul Mate

Thinking about your Twin Flame this new moon?

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Hi! So lately I have been receiving a lot of questions regarding love relationships, most especially twin flame romance. A lot of the relationships that I am presented by people that believe they are with their twin flame are not. So here is a brief description of an amalgamation of research and personal experience with Twin Flame versus Soul Mate love.

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Soul Mate

  1. You meet and feel an instant sexual attraction and will always feel drawn
  2. They are usually you’re exact physical type or habit
  3. You lack a spiritual or mental compatibility but find he/she makes you feel happy and understood
  4. You may feel like this person really gets you and you have much in common
  5. However, your goals and lifestyles, though similar do not gel
  6. There is infidelity, insecurity…

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