Seduction by Poem…

Or maybe this one… Which one do you like the best?

Ostara, The Good


Written by Ostara, Miss Goodwitch

I could come over, you know.

I could run your bath water and sing you lullabies.

We could sing in tandem with a melody of love.

If I wash your back, would you accuse me of being too bold ?

…..Or would you rip off my panties and kiss my pain away ?

What if I call you and simply listen to you breathe…

or better yet lie in your bed and simply breathe in your sheets.

I’m afraid to fall in love.

I scorn the burn of losing that part of myself again

….to only have it shoved back in my face.

All the while your brave heart keeps seducing me

….and your seduction

is as gentle

as a summer rain.

LOVER_KISS.jpg belly

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