Ostara’s New Blog Goes Hippie!


Hi everyone! I have missed you so much! I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture but I have lost nearly 70 pounds! I had the gastric sleeve surgery and am finally in my seventh week. I just now am able to eat smaller portions of REAL food! It was tough for me. My surgeon goofed up the first surgery and I had to be operated on TWICE! I nearly died, vomiting copious amounts of blood and hospitalized six long and excruciating days vomiting even water!

Facing death inspired a lot of changes in my life. I made some decisions and came closer to my Christian faith like never before! After being in so much pain that my skin felt like it was ripping from my spinal column, and my limbs so weak from lack of nutrition that I had to walk with a walker kinda makes you really reach out to God in the deepest way that you know how. One day, I just kicked my walker over, declared God’s word of healing over my life and walked out my mom’s front door ( who was literally feeding me by hand) and to her and all of my friends amazement in that very moment I was HEALED!

me hippie2

God is good! I went back to church and am dedicating my life to serving as a Christian. However, even though I don’t call myself a Witch anymore or practice magick and witchcraft; I can’t change the fact that I was born and raised a Hippie! I will always honor the sacred in nature, worship the Holy Spirit as goddess, smile at rainbows, fight for unity for my LGBT friends, and talk to my angels while giving clairvoyant intuitive readings!

I did not want to delete this blog or erase my many wonderful posts because I still stand by them. I do not believe witchcraft is evil nor wicca and have not changed one inch in my love for ALL of Goddess’ creation! However, I needed a fresh start and new beginning. So many new things are beginning in my life I am excited that this is one of them. Please check out my new blog Ostara, the Good Hippie! I am also selling my readings and Hippie Christian Workshops at my etsy store the Barefoot Christian!

I also will be selling my herbal crafts,unique gifts, books and homemade incenses there!
I hope you subscribe to my new blog so you don’t miss my new groovy posts and updates on my weight loss!

Huckleberry Kisses and Moonstorm Dreams!
I Love You, Ostara



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