Manifest Magic with a Mermaid Power Totem!

I absolutely love Mermaids! They are powerful mythological beings that represent the power of transformation, life giving water and spiritual balance.

mermaid oshun1

Oshun is my favorite mermaid, because I have met her in astral meditation. She is the beautiful, sensuous daughter of a sea goddess called Yemaya, however Oshun lives in fresh water rivers and lakes. Her name means “Sweet Water.” She later become Queen of the Earth because she sacrifices her life to bring rain from heaven to humanity and end the drought which could’ve ended mankind forever.

To the Africans she represents all the blessings you’d want to associate with your home: fertility, prosperity, nourishment, healing.  Her devotees describe her as kind and compassionate, saying she enjoys bestowing abundant blessings on her followers. Many people pray to her and offer gifts just as Christians honor Mother Mary.

However, mermaids have a rich mythology all over the world. When one thinks of a mermaid we think of a beautiful, mysterious woman who possesses the tail of a fish instead of legs. There is a mystical quality about her beauty and an allure. Mermaids, are fantastic creatures that can teach us much about balance.

yemaya mermaid

They are able to swim in the greatest depth of the ocean, dance upon the smooth stones of a river, and walk upon the land. They are transformative by nature and teach us how to balance the airy, supple, rippling energy of light along with the murky, deep and vast energy of dark waters.

At my Hippie Love Angel Mermaid parties while we craft our Mermaid grottos, work with our Mermaid oracle cards we connect with the powerful energy of the Mermaid to help transform our lives. Have you ever gone through or desire to go through a powerful change  in your life? A big move, weightloss or a relationship change? The energy of the mermaid can lighten our load and help us visualize this change with balance and healing.


Book a Magical Mermaid Transformation Party today!

Oceans of Love, Ostara



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