Hippie Love Angel: My Dream Come True!


Hi There!

A little about why I started my own business.********** My son has Autism and while I worked full time for the State of Florida I found out he was being physically and mentally abused at his daycare. Immediately, I stripped my job down to part-time there, as a recreational specialist, to take care of my son. Then later the state of Florida laid off 200 jobs, mine along with it. I went to work at Meridian part-time, at night, so I could be available fully for my son who had special needs.


At Meridian, I re-developed women, whom were addicted to drugs, towards becoming better parents. I also assisted them in their recovery with mental health counseling. In the wee hours of the night I began writing my first book, From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen and started my blog, now named, the Hippie Love Angel. Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue came into my life and helped me heal and grow spiritually. Now I do Angel Therapy parties for adults and Angel Buddy parties for children at Buddy Creations! When I first met Suzanne at Bear Creations we connected instantly, through our love for Christ. We also share a passion for parties and aromatherapy! We have collaborated to bring you the most amazingly fun BEARY SMELL-TASTIC, FAIRY OR ANGEL PARTY ANYONE WOULD EVER WISH FOR!

buddy creations

Hippie Love Angel Parties hosted at Buddy Creations include a small bear with aromatherapy BEARY GOOD SMELL-TASTIC sachets which your child can help make as well as their very own crystal to place in the bear to make it come ALIVE with positive energy! I also am their very own party leader and we make fairy homes or mermaid grottos and even craft an angel wand or two! After cake and treats, PIXIE DUST abounds and the little angel fairies and their buddies get wings! We then fly over to the Neverland play area for a fabulous exploration and fun games! Truly nowhere else in Gainesville, Florida will you find a more magical party except possibly one I can create in your home or garden! The cool thing is my parties go where ever YOU want them! Btw…Adults can have these parties too!

At my home, I enjoy making specially crafted aromatherapy baskets that offer comfort, anxiety reduction, depression and stress release, wisdom and clarity; plus attracts love and all manners of abundance in your life! These are also available at my etsy shoppe! Words can’t express how much my business means to me! God has blessed me with wonderful people that have opened many doors for me and inspire me daily, which include you all! A special thanks to Doreen Virtue, Louise Hay, Bernadette Carter-King, Valerie Love, Suzzane at Buddy Creations and all of my WordPress friends and Hippie Love Angel family! I adore you!  Thank you for giving me this opportunity to make all of my dreams come true and be home with my lil Angels!

I love you all! ~Ostara



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