Sexual Healing: True Confessions Of My Twin Flame Passion

Twin Flame love is beautiful, painful and inspiring!

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel

Hi Ya’ll!

It’s no secret that this Venus Retrograde has little ol’ Libra me all caught up in the throes of an unrequited love from my past. Venus being the ruling planet of love going backwards causes us to revisit, heal or reignite past passions with old flames. I have been blogging quite a bit about twin flames and probably will continue until Venus goes direct on September 8, 2015. In my last blog post I wrote about identifying the difference between a twin flame and a karmic soul mate. This time I thought I would share exactly what it feels like to actually be in a relationship with your twin flame, and the burn of passion and love. Read on, because you will see this applies whether the two of you are friends, lovers, estranged or married.

What started out as a simple post about sexual chemistry has become…

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