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#alllives matter #blacklivesmatter and now #bluelivesmatter #loveislove


We are fighting a war. But this war lies within ourselves. We keep looking outside ourselves to define our purpose. We are tired of tragedy, tired of racism, bigotry, murder, rape and abuse. We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. But do we have the tools to transform our own lives much less the world? How can we eradicate the pain and hopelessness without destroying one another? We must look at ourselves. Look at the “man in the mirror” and take action. YOU CANNOT CHANGE ANOTHER SINGLE HUMAN BEING! But you can change yourself and with the beauty of who you are attract change within our communities.

You are on a path of self-destruction brought about by all the negative garbage in your mind. We have become slaves to what other people think of our self and of others. Those black men were shot because the policemen believed stereotypes about them that were so terrifying to them it altered their humanity and caused them to murder innocent men. We are at fault. As long as we perpetuate these stereotypes and buy into all of this crap we will be slaves to ignorance and the horror it produces.

What led me out of the path of my self-destruction and my slave girl attitude were three basic Laws. These three laws fall under what I call affectionately “Am Power”. This very sacred mystery, which involves a trinity of manifestation, will lead you to a more fruitful and abundant life. In truth, it is the SECRET of Self-mastery that every celebrity and spiritual master has created their success from, whether they realized it or not. These laws have the transformative power to change “I can to I AM!”


The First “Am Power” is the Sacred Law of Wisdom.

Wisdom is the Holy Spirit. I did my own painstaking research in the Bible for eight years that led to my conclusion that the Mother Wisdom Goddess that King Solomon speaks of in the book of Proverbs is in fact the Holy Spirit that co-created the world with Father God. I could take you scripture by scripture to prove it! But instead I will quote renowned minister and expert researcher of theology Perry Stone from his book The Code of the Holy Spirit. On page 28 he states,” …By Her, kings reign, and in revelation we read that we will rule as kings and priests (Rev. 1:6). John wrote that the “Spirit and the Bride say,”Come!”, speaking of the invitation to live in the holy city of New Jerusalem (rev. 22:17). Thus Wisdom (She) is the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit manifests wisdom.”

The power of the Goddess, is the awakening of a higher awareness and consciousness that all life is One and we are all creators within this universe. It is not about saying woman is supreme, but that man is not. We are equal, aligned in balance and gloriously empowered with unity foremost in our lives. The fact that this is lost and it is all about masculine driven supremacy is what has created the inequality OF EVERYTHING! I am not a feminist, I love to be submissive to my man. But balance on the most basic level of human creation, masculine and feminine is supposed to be the foundation for every principle we hold dear. If you can’t empower both sides of creation and celebrate these principles you will never be able to love one another without hatred, fear, ignorance or violence.


The way of the masculine must be balanced with the way of the feminine. For every part there is fire, there must also be water or the fire will roar unchecked and destroy us all. Likewise, for every part there is water there must also be land or the water will over take us and drown us in emotions and we will never have ground, and for every part that is grounded we must have air or we will have matter without the molecules to promote life and nourishment. See just like the elements of the Earth which are male and female in action so must our lives be to sustain this planet. It is not the planet which will destroy us but each other if we do not seek balance!

Once you awaken to this reality, you have found Wisdom. Once you have attained Wisdom you then begin the hot pursuit of Understanding. Understanding and Wisdom are Sisters. The Hebrews name them Chokmah and Binah and they along with Elohim give birth to the tree of life. Understanding teaches how to apply Wisdom. What good is knowing that your words are powerful, and you can create all manners of abundance in your life if you do not know how to apply that knowledge? Wisdom for me came with understanding that Goddess is the Mother of the Universe just as much as God is Father.

The most important key to understanding one’s life purpose is who you are and why you were created.

Destiny or Rape?

islam-girls-mutilated-old-men-worshipped1(Not all Islams practice this, but most do, even in the United States, England, and other influential countries)

Without an understanding of who we are we become just like that nine year-old girl Oprah helped who had spent three long days trying to give birth to the child of her rape. She was given a thing and did not know what to do with it, but nonetheless it would be born, and she was alone, in agony trying to birth it. For many of us we are like that little girl, except our baby is our destiny. We lie down in the cold dirt all alone and try to birth our destiny without understanding the process, in the cold sweat of fear and misery; our destiny is born a bloody mess leaving us gasping for air and wanting to die.

We are lost confused and in need of a Divine Mid-Wife to help us with the process. That is why a great fellowship is so important. Proper spiritual guidance can solidify your beliefs, nourish your spiritual growth and tell you when to “push” and when to “rest” so that your destiny is born healthy and you are safe and nurtured. Today I have become that mid-wife for your destiny.  As Michael Jackson once sang, “You are not alone.”

The Second “Am Power” is the Sacred Law of Gratitude.

The energy of Wisdom will lead onto the path of gratitude. You will begin to see the ebb and flow of God within you and all created things. Now you will begin to manifest fruit from the actions of your gratitude stemming from the peace you feel knowing that you are connected to all things and that I Am is a state of ALL CREATION flowing into each other with the direction of your thankfulness.  When you are thankful for something and focus on positive thoughts and beliefs about that issue or circumstance it is a way of “steering the boat” and directing the Creator to release more blessings in that area.


This is the Law of Christ..he is the Law of Attraction! This is the Law of the Holy Spirit, she is Gratitude. It is gratitude which tells your brain that this is good. Our bodies are hardwired to continually seek out experiences that are good. For everything God created he said was good. Therefore, we are attracted to things that are good and a delight to our senses.  I mean, we take this for granted. But what if we were created to only be attracted to what is bad and had to always fight like crazy to feel anything good in our lives? Of course, if that was the case we wouldn’t even know what good felt like.

Without balance of giving and receiving, service and authority we become confused. When we become confused we fall back on what is easy. It was easier for those policemen to shoot those men, because they were ingrained to believe that black men are evil. So what are you gonna do about that? You can’t kill the people that think this way, that will take forever…but you can kill the lies, the hatred and the bigotry with love.

That’s my 2 cents.

Spread the Love, Ostara The Hippie Love Angel

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