Haunted: The Clairvoyant Truth

A little bit of mythology on the gift and a whole lot of my own personal truth about my experience with clairvoyance.

Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel


The woman was placed softly upon the Earth’s breast.  She lay supine in deliberate concentration on the fate befallen her.  Her name was whispered softly from Heaven, “Pandora.” She rose and beheld a beautiful alabaster jar, sealed with a lid made with an entire piece of pure emerald crystal. A sweet, petal soft, yet deliciously, decadent aroma swirled gaily on the currents of wind assaulting her senses.  The jar had intricate gold designs of cherubs gracing it’s delightful curves, and it was a lovely sight to beguile the eyes and and intoxicate Pandora’s senses.

She sat down on the grass, with the alabaster jar on her lap, and slowly began to open it.  Suddenly, a mist appeared before her eyes, cloudy at first, then clear.  Pandora’s eyes began to see past her own feeble mortality, beyond the veil of the future! Her fingers kneeded the grass as visions of airplanes flew by, people in sports cars zoomed past, and bombs exploded. 

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