How The Return Of The Goddess Will Heal Our World

The Elements of Mother Earth


The Goddess Holy Spirit is a seven fold Spirit. She holds in her hand the five elements of the Universe, as well as Love and Wisdom. She is Fire, Water, Air, Earth and of course Spirit. In the principle of giving; Mother Goddess is both Fire and Water. Her water element is her healing, loving and nourishing aspect, which is the foundation of Herself. That is why in most ancient cultures, especial in Israel and Egypt, the word for Mother is characterized as the same symbol used for water.

The principles Goddess Holy Spirit bestows upon us is the bedrock of our relationship to God, our planet and each other. Her water element is the seven-fold aspect is ever flowing, like the Milky Way. But it is her fire element, which is nine-fold, that empowers us with supernatural abilities, equating us with god-ship. These abilities are given to those that have reached the state of evolution in the foundation of her water element gifts. Christ Jesus is the King of the water element aspect of Mother God. He represents the very soil, the land and Earth that holds the river and connects it to all of us. Through Christ we are able to stand in the midst of her rushing waves and not sink, but elevate!

In the Bible, it talks about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. These are the water, or bestowing gifts, that flow forth from our Mother to provide nourishment and care.


In Isaiah 11:2-3 the seven water elemental gifts are listed:

  • Wisdom
  • Understanding
  • Counsel
  • Fortitude
  • Knowledge
  • Compassion
  • Hope

In Acts we are introduce to the fiery element of the Goddess. She manifests as tongues of flames over the heads of the people as they prayed. So this shows us that the fire element is the active force that separates the “chosen” or ascended royal people of Goddess from those still asleep. When you are asleep you need spells, herbs, ointments, crystals and the like to manifest the earth or fire element for healing or manifestation. But in the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ you only need the flame of the Goddess burning brightly in your soul!

The nine fire elemental gifts found in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11, of our Mother are:

  • Word of Knowledge
  • Word of Wisdom
  • Gift of Prophecy
  • Gift of Faith
  • Power of Doing Healings
  • Power to Create Miracles
  • Discerning of Spirits
  • Diverse Spiritual Tongues
  • Interpretation of Tongues


Yin and Yang, Balance of Humankind

I will say that, the main reason that we as women, especially, need to  understand our role as representations of the Goddess pertains to the fact that we are the Flowing Water of the Earth element to her Being.  Like the moon who controls the tides, we must reflect Her light in the darkness, and control the flow of compassion and wisdom upon the planet. She needs us to be her portals of Light-Wisdom.

Just as Father God needs men to be his pillars of Strength-Action, because they are the Fire element of earth.  Adam, Lilith and Eve all played key parts in reflecting the Goddess aspect in the world, but they failed. Lilith represented Spirit, Eve the Water element of earth and Adam the fire.

Mother Mary , Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene became their substitute. Mother Mary represented Eve, Jesus represented Adam and Magdalene, with the seven deadly sins cleansed from her, became a redeemed Lilith. Now the Kingdom of God can reign fully. Now the Spirit of Goddess finally is released and active within us all! Balance and divine timing has always been the key.

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What happens when these energies, which are placed within man and woman at birth, turn on each other?

Well, you have the state of emergency which we are all in right now!  Racism, Segregation, Mass Murder, Rape, Religious Prosecution,and Poverty! It is a rampant sweep of male God energy, some call testosterone, gone viral and deadly. Remember, too much of a good thing is always bad for you! So to balance we must have an era of feminine strength and wisdom! We MUST! Witches, Pagans, Neo-Pagans, Lightworkers, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists….whatever you call yourself we must unite, share understanding and wisdom and begin to reflect the Goddess characteristics within our homes and our government. We have to change the mentality of our nation if we are going to survive. This begins with religion!

Why Witches Were Burned


There is a deeper significance to why the Catholic Church, the world government and the Inquisition used fire as one of the main reasons to burn nearly a million women and children, with a small percentage of men, to their agonizing and slow death.  For Witches that do not believe that Satan or at least, the energy of Satanic evil is real, then there is no further proof than the Burning Times.

The Catholic Church created a religious dogma that infected the world with the disease of lunacy.  Like the deadly HIV virus it spread and began to viciously contaminate the governmental system in towns, in countries as far as Iceland! This was no local New England town happening, this was global! And it still is! In Africa and India, many women and children are still tortured, drowned, shot or burned alive for witchcraft! However, the real target is not women, nor Witches….the real target, as it has always been since we spiraled down from the stars to this planet, is the Goddess of the Universe.

Because womankind are Her divine portals and carriers of her Light-Wisdom and Compassion, the Enemy, that devouring beast set against her to exterminate her with her own Fire! Men are that fire. Fire, like an allegory, goes unchecked. It burns down everything without water to keep it contained. Our society is all go, go, go…success driven not Spirit driven. The head leads, not the heart. This is a result of a lack of the divine feminine reflected in our governmental and spiritual leadership, as well as our homes.

So when the Inquisition used fire to murder women, Satan was using the sacrificial fire energy of God as a way to consume them and deplete their divine Goddess energy! These holy healers, midwives and wisdom carriers became a sacrifice to Satan, by her own men, who were supposed to be her protector! It was the age old battle story of Adam and Lilith all over again. Scourging the world of Lilith’s, to leave Eve’s, a broken, chastised, docile and obedient woman in her place.


It is no coincidence they chose fire to murder innocent women. This same fire the Jews used to burn animal sacrifices to Father God.  Satan is still being fed by religious leaders who claim to be pious. Whether it is our women or her children, mankind is being scourged with the fire of patriarchy roaming the earth to devour the children of Mother Holy Spirit like a lion. Social media crucifies, while racial division, mass murders, war, bigotry,  false teaching of history in schools and false religious leaders set the flames.

If Christianity, does not acknowledge the Goddess and begin balancing the body of the church, then all will most certainly become consumed within it’s own Holy Fire. Women must step up and take their rightful role. Christianity needs to awaken to the full force of gifting and power the goddess has gifted us.  The aftermath of the  Burning times have left a mass of cowardly Eve’s who degrade their purity and worth daily. Men who have become consumed in political greed and ignorance by the Inquisition of Facebook, Instagram and million dollar businesses.

How many more children, and innocent people need to incarnate here on Earth to die just to make you feel compassion and tap into your divine Goddess selves? How many Caitlin’s do we need to share their struggle? Or how many Rachel Dolezal’s do we need until you can learn forgiveness and to release your own self-hatred? How many more Charleston Church terrorists attacks, police shootings and murders do we need to end racial divisions?

We are God first, human second.  Why have we forgotten that?

Moonbeam Dreams and Orange Blossom Kisses!

I love you, Ostara




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