State of Emergency: Return of the Goddess

Ostara, The Good


This may shock you, this may even offend you.  But God and Goddess is not just a pagan concept. It is a Judaic, and therefore; a Christian one as well!

God and Goddess In The Bible

In the ancient temple of Solomon, which I believe the Temple of Karnak was modeled after, at the entrance are two columns that God told the King to name Boaz and Jachin. These pillars are much debated about and I have come to this conclusion.  Boaz, meaning established by God refers to King Solomon, and is located from the entrance to the temple our left.  Jachin, meaning in strength and to strike, refers to King Davd, and is located on the right from the entrance.  There are lots of reason why they represent these two kings, mainly because it was David’s action of war and heroism which built Israel and Solomon’s building of the…

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