Red Tent Series: The End of the Curse

This is my first blog post in the Red Tent Series. In ancient Israel the red tent was a sacred place of fellowship and care for women during their moon blood time. In the patriarchal society, women were considered unclean and cursed because of their life giving blood. Motherhood, which caused the absence of the blood was believed to be a woman’s only redemption from the curse of her affliction, due to Eve’s sin.


However, predating this sad belief was the celebration of a woman’s moon blood time as indicative of her great life giving power and status of a Goddess. Imagine, to bleed profusely and not die was seen by men as a sign of immortality. Many myths regaled the Goddess as giving birth to creation with her powerful and sacred blood. Thus it became feared by men and made a curse as a way of demeaning a woman’s own sacred power. “If we make her hate herself, then we can control her…”,they plotted.

Thankfully, women are too crafty and wise. They savored their time in the Red Tent. Free from their labors to care for their families, as no cooking or cleaning of their homes was allowed; they encouraged each other and saluted their Goddess Asherah in secret.

Origination of the Red Tent


Genesis 31:33-35

33So Laban went into Jacob’s tent and into Leah’s tent and into the tent of the two maids, but he did not find them. Then he went out of Leah’s tent and entered Rachel’s tent. 34Now Rachel had taken the household idols and put them in the camel’s saddle, and she sat on them. And Laban felt through all the tent but did not find them. 35She said to her father, “Let not my lord be angry that I cannot rise before you, for the manner of women is upon me.” So he searched but did not find the household idols.…

This is when Rachel and Leah got the idea to use their Red Tent to worship the Goddess. It is no accident that women’s moon blood, the Sabbath, the Goddess and moon cycles are all synchronistic with each other. It is also no wonder that women often cycle in tandem with one another. The sisters also were practitioners of the craft of the wise, and Jacob was down with it.

Biblical Witchcraft Was Not Evil


Herbal crafting, old wives tales and superstition was not considered evil or a burnable offense. It was their form of medicine. Today we have gynecologists, they had midwives. We have fertility doctors, they had mandrake roots. We have found out present day that alot of our chemical alternatives actually create more health problems than our ancient organic practices. Regarding witchcraft as evil, has more to do with financial competition of male doctors against well learned midwives, who created a catchy name (witch) to create a propaganda campaign. It is no different, than say, the political campaign of Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton.  Finance, war and greed by men seeking to gain anachronistic dominance over organic resources, peace and equality.

When Leah approached Jacob and said,” I have hired you for a night of sex in exchange to Rachel for my mandrake roots,” he blithely agreed. He was down with it. He understood the meaning and significance and was hopeful it would help his beloved and favorite wife conceive. She was a hot young thing, after all. But Leah was wiser. I figured out why she conceived and Rachel did not. Their moon blood cycles came at the same time, but Leah would have sex with Jacob during the ovulation window. Apparently, she was the more learned of the two, being that she was older and had lived at home longer under the culture of her homeland. Leah understood the mysteries of woman, and her creative power as Goddess.

Perhaps Rachel longed to have the skill and knowledge of her sister Leah. She took the mandrake roots and used them but they did not work. She apparently lacked the formula needed to craft it wisely.  But years later, she must’ve become wiser. Years of studying, and connecting to her inner divinity lent her a maturity that kindled her creative fire. Goddess opened up her womb and life was born. I think also Leah prolly tired of having babies and let her younger sibling now have a go at Jacob during peak ovulation time.

The End of the Curse

The Red Tent

Jacob was the known trickster of the Bible stories. I find it rather synchronistic that the wife who was forced to marry him and was unloved got the last laugh, for it was her that through tricking her sister gave birth to a nation. This absolved her of the “curse” but left Rachel a cursed, abomination to her people. A woman was considered worthless and un-redeemed by God without children. However, as Rachel began to cleave to the goddess and learn the old ways she became empowered. I believe it was her self-belief of inadequacy that kept her shackled to infertility.

Enter The Red Tent

Are you shackled?  It is time to break loose!  No longer are we as women perceived as unworthy without motherhood. However, it is in  reverse! Now we are considered unworthy if we are ONLY mothers. Unless we make a substantial amount of money or have proven ourselves in the man’s world with a long college degree or a big paycheck we are chicken heads, ho’s, baby mama’s, thots and hood rats.

So let us enter the Red Tent. It is time we reclaim our inner goddess and stop allowing man’s own invention of itself define us! Follow my Red Tent blog post series as I discuss goddesses who will empower, encourage and transform you. You ARE Goddess! You ARE a powerful creative being. And just like Rachel, in fulfilling yourself and finding your wisdom you can manifest all that you desire.


Rachel gave birth to two sons, Joseph and Benjamin. These two sons became the leaders of the ones Leah tricked into being. Let us not be tricksters, but let us do everything in love. We do not need magical potions, moon cycles or idols to create and manifest our destiny. We only need hope and the unlimited power of our own existence in faith! Once Rachel finally gave birth, spurred Jacob to leave his father-in-law Labans household and build a nation of his own. It was the power of Rachel, creating life against all odds, that inspired Jacob’s faith that God can move mountains!

This was Rachel’s destiny, and though the birth of her second son caused her untimely death; she died a savior. She proved the power of who we are has more to do with our faith and our ability to love, than what we acquire. She is the bedrock of the tribe of Israel and the fire of the Spirit which created the Hebrew faith. Jacob loved her and saw her worth…because she saw her own. And the sacrifice of her life created a lasting legacy of self-sacrifice that rippled down generations to her descendant, Mary, the Mother of Christ.

Have a moon dusky evening filled with sparkling dreams!

I love you, Ostara

red goddess




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