Stop The Violence: Witches Walk By Faith For Terence Crutcher

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog. I really appreciate the support! I have worked really hard these last few months in creating my own business the Hippie Love Angel Shop on etsy and offering Twin Flame Love Tarot Reading and Life Coaching on my youtube channel Ostara, The Hippie Love Angel!

I love you so much!  I am amazed at how many are viewing and subscribing also to my youtube channel, liking my videos and sharing them. This community is so much more than a social media platform you all are truly like family. I have learned so much from all of you and continue to grow everyday.

You all know that I am a Christian Witch because I am very mystical and love Wicca and nature, but the root of my faith is grounded in my personal relationship with Jesus Christ and Goddess Holy Spirit. Goddess is a profound part of my journey as a Witch and it grieves me, as a mother grieving for her child, that evil is focused on killing innocent black men and women in the guise of law enforcement.

I absolutely love our officers of the law and support them 100% as they keep the peace and protect us from harm. I have many in my family that serve and protect. But there are many who are also troubled and use their badge as a way to attack and harm. We as Witches have a duty stronger than any other faith to be care takers of this planet. We are not imbued with the power of magick and divine alchemy for self gain but to be stewards over the planet and all of Goddesses children.

Celebrity Mentions

I am so proud of what Isaiah Thomas and Kaepernick are doing to stand up against the senseless violence. I would like to see Alicia Keys use her Keep A Child Alive foundation to elicit change as well as Hillary Clinton, Doreen Virtue, Oprah Winfrey and hay House. It is time we get vocal and help the children in our own back yard! Light workers and Earth Angels UNITE!

I am just a single mom with two autistic children. My oldest daughter and I are going to take this walk by faith for our family, my sons, our community and the innocent slain all over the world. I have invited my community but even if it is just her and I we are going to walk the 7.5 miles to the courthouse to pray and distribute food to the homeless. It doesn’t matter if the entire University of Florida Gators football team joins us or it is just me alone I will march on to BREAK EVERY CHAIN!  We all have the ability to do SOMETHING! The power and anointing of one person can availeth much! Will you walk with me?

No matter what your faith or background is I am asking you to help me celebrate my 44th birthday by taking a walk of faith with me! You can do that either in spirit, prayer, in your hometown or with me at Gainesville, Florida on October 16, 2016 at 4:44 pm, for Terence Crutcher and all of the needless minorities slain unjustly in this world. Listen to my video, like, share and subscribe. Help me to show the world that Witches are healers, peace makers and love the Lord too. Help us make a difference and use our magical powers to CHANGE THE WORLD. Isn’t that really what they were given to us for? Now this is for REAL witches…if you are not a REAL witch keep scrolling. And this is for people that love the Lord, and want to save this world from itself as much as I do.

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