Goddess of Witches & Christians

I am a woman who calls herself a Witch and a Christian. I have tried to deny the Witch part several times, because it can be so hard in my Christian faith to be accepted as such. But I can not deny the truth of who I am!  I am a Christian Witch, so be it!
Witches Love Jesus Too
You can be a Witch and still love Jesus, follow the Bible and have a close relationship with Jesus Christ. The bible does NOT teach against Witchcraft. It is mistranslated in those areas by a sadist, King James, that delighted in torture of women…and my ancestor…so I DOUBLY gotta set the record straight! Anyhoo….You can be Wiccan or Pagan and LOVE JESUS! Where it says witchcraft should be poisoner, and necromancer. These were people that lived in graveyards and created poisons to help people kill others.
Of course, as a Christian, you can’t worship other gods and goddesses…but Father God is God of all and Holy Spirit is Mother God of ALL creation. Lord and Lady… The Bible says so in original translation. The Jews worship the Shekinah as goddess of love and marriage every Friday to THIS day! They also have New Moon and Full moon celebrations they call Sabbaths. So it is fine to call yourself a Wise One/Witch and begin a relationship with a SUPREME HEALER and GOD…Jesus Christ. As for the other gods and goddesses, yes they do exist.
Many are forms of thee Father God and Mother Goddess as other countries and cultures depict them. Other are ancestors, angels and also some are fallen angels. You do have to be careful you do not entertain a demonic spirit in the guise of an angel or god/dess. Jesus Christ will protect you and Archangel Michael will shield you and show you the truth so you do not fall victim of their manipulation.
I understand if you are a Christian or Wiccan and are asleep. Perhaps you are so set in your ways about Spirit you have become a human zombie, because society has lied to us for decades. I was once an ignorant slave too. But you need to get a grip! As Christians if you REALLY study your Bible and have a relationship with Christ you would be on the same level as I am. I am NOT lost….I am just at a HIGHER LEVEL in my anointing than you are…church members, likes on Instagram or a following does not predict your anointing. The little widow gave one mite as it was ALL that she had and Jesus said she GAVE MORE THAN ALL OF YOU. And as Wiccans if you are really free and wise you should know LOVE is the basis of ALL MAGICK!
Angels, Gods & Goddess
Witches ask…well what about the gods and goddesses we like?
Angels are gods and goddesses. Angels are gods because they are the actual children of God. Everyone knows a child is exactly what their parents are. Jesus was Archangel Michael in Heaven and then came down to Earth as a man. So He literally is a God and CHIEF PRINCE of all gods and born from Goddess! He tried to vanquish the dragon in heaven but Satan escaped to earth. Goddess knowing he would do so went down to Earth before him. And perhaps she thought he would chase after her as she wanted to protect her son. But Jesus was wise and became mortal and in the flesh defeated Satan forever.
Goddess of Witchcraft and Christianity
The Goddess was given wings….like Isis, Like Athena, Like Lilith, Like Inanna….don’t you see? Much of the Goddess was based on this very old story which was originally written by a Sybil Oracle High Priestess Pythoness as much of the ancient christian and Hebrew stories came from.
katherine-skaggs-1100-isis_(LUV Katherine Skaggs Goddess Portraits)
Then Goddess Gaia of the Earth swallowed the Great Flood that Satan sent to try to kill everyone. In many cultures a Great Flood was written about all the way to Atlantis. However this time God set a rainbow in the sky to show victory and a promise this would never happen again. I feel it happened several times before that final rainbow.
Goddess and Gaia Earth helped Jesus defeat Satan. The Gospel of Christ even shows Jesus authority over the Flood by His walking on water and the baptism we do reflects that every time. This baptism of the waters which threatened to overtake out Mother shows Satan that WE have the authority over ALL things and the Goddess is our Mother. When Jesus was baptized the Bath Kol, which means DAUGHER OF THE VOICE, spoke and said, “This is my Son and I am pleased with Him.” It was MOTHER God speaking! She came down on him like a dove. Her children are said to be like the fish of the sea. Fish was a huge symbol in all of the teachings of Jesus. He was asserting that He was Her child!
A dove is symbolic of Yemaya, mother of the seven seas and the birther of all gods. She is the Holy Spirit, but she has many names, the Jews called Her Asherah, Queen of Heaven and later the Shekinah, Glory of God. Her daughter Oshun, is Gaia, and it was she that helped Jesus triumph, as mary Magdalene, by flying to the Sun in the African tale, or swallowing the Flood, in the Hebrew book of revelations. So, you see, not even Voodoo at its roots is wicked, but quite arguably the very foundation, or at least a syncretized part of Christianity. 
Now it is us that must fight against that dragon…because SATAN HATES THE GODDESS AND ALL OF HER CHILDREN. YES THE HOLY SPIRIT IS OUR MOTHER!
REV 12:17And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of Her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
Christians Who Hate Witchcraft

I really do not have an anointing to be patient with those Christians that are ignorant and misread the Bible out of laziness and think Witchcraft is evil. God will raise up in me a wrath and a wisdom that they will not be believe. I DESPISE Pharisees…they killed Jesus. And if a Pharisee spirit is revealed in you I will summon Archangel Michael and the Thrones, Principalities and Archangel Metatron to take you down! Bwahahahaha

My anointing is for Witches, Pagans, Light workers, Earth Angels, Indigo Children and New Age Spiritualists. My anointing is for teaching Christ and helping them develop their relationship with Christ in keeping with their OWN Spiritual path. Religion is just a WAY OF EXPRESSION. Jesus did NOT come to create RELIGION but DESPISED it. He came to give SALVATION TO EVERYONE…even the Samaritan pagans…I CHOOSE TO BE LIKE JESUS!

So let me take this moment to invite you all to get to know Jesus better. He is NOT what some bigoted Christians make him out to be. I am sorry to say alot of Christians have destroyed the entire meaning of the gospel of Christ with their stiff-neckedness and misogynistic false teachings. Thankfully we have many more who are loving and compassionate like my church leaders. I am by no means any more special or wise than anyone else. everyone can read the bible and research it for 30 years like I have and have visions of Christ and supernatural gifts. I was born knowing God and having a relationship with him that has spanned 44 years. But that does not mean you too can’t begin a journey with Christ that will accomplish supernatural promotion, protection, manifestation, and healing that supersedes any low magick you can perform.

Please read my next blog post that will explain how to practice witchcraft as a Christian.

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