How To Practice Christian Witchcraft

Revelation 21:2New International Version (NIV)

I saw the Holy City, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride beautifully dressed for her husband.

What is a Christian Witch?

When you become a Christian you are offered a prayer of Salvation. This invitation opens the door to communion with Christ as your friend. It also identifies us as a child of the Goddess. As I talked about in my previous blog post Goddess of Witches & Christians, Goddess Gaia of the Earth swallowed the Great Flood that Satan sent to try to kill everyone. In many cultures a Great Flood was written about all the way to Atlantis. However this time God set a rainbow in the sky to show victory and a promise this would never happen again. I feel it happened several times before that final rainbow.

Goddess In The Bible

Goddess Holy Spirit and Gaia Earth helped Jesus defeat Satan. The Gospel of Christ even shows Jesus authority over the Flood by His walking on water and the baptism we do reflects that every time. This baptism of the waters which threatened to overtake our Divine  Mother shows Satan that WE have the authority over ALL things and the Goddess is our Mother. When Jesus was baptized the Bath Kol, which means DAUGHTER OF THE VOICE, spoke and said, “This is my Son and I am pleased with Him.” It was MOTHER God speaking! She came down on him like a dove. Her children are said to be like the fish of the sea. Fish was a huge symbol in all of the teachings of Jesus. He was asserting that He was Her child!

Jesus Gets Stamp of Approval From Goddess

So the Goddess is pleased of those that cleave to Jesus Christ and has marked him before thousands of witnesses as Her son! This She does with each of us that takes the prayer of salvation; which is truly a covenant or devout vow of service to Her and Christ. Jesus Christ taught about the Kingdom of God. Well, Mother God is the Kingdom! In Egypt, Goddess Isis was the Throne the King God sat upon. Mother Maat was the truth and justice of faith that everything in existence was led by. Maat is the Ankh of Life!

High Magick vs Low Magick

So a Christian Witch celebrates Lord & Lady in this manner. She/He knows God and Goddess are loved in myriad of forms and applies his/her wisdom to good use in manifesting, healing, and praying for protection of others. Those that do not enjoy a deeply rooted fellowship with Christ can find life much more difficult and their powers or spell working of little effect.

Examples of Low Magick

Have you ever really liked someone alot and prayed God make him your husband? Or have you ever needed a job really bad and did a little candle or jar spell to get money? Those are two examples of Low Magick.
This is because a relationship with Christ greatly strengthens our relationship with God and Goddess through FAITH and NOT through WORKINGS. Witchcraft of potions, spells and such is called Low Magick. It is the Magick of peasants and country dwellers, who often used these things to give their life peace in their poverty and heal their infirmities. Doctors and Pharmacists are alchemists of Low Magick, as well as Wiccans that do not have a relationship with Christ. A Christian who merely prays for manifestation in their life and decrees things based on learning they get from church, or through reading the Bible like a novel also operate in Low Magick. Low Magick is lukewarm effective. It only works if you really believe it will and then sometimes it won’t if doubts or fears creep in, or God is not governing it.

Examples of High Magick

High Magick is the working of the powers of Angels, Lord & Lady and always under the authority of Christ. This type of magick is empowered with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, led by the unction of Christ and based solely on His word over your life. It also can involve deep visualization and meditation on the word of God after study and prayer to discern the true revelation of scripture. This is sojourning to the deep, going after the jugular of Holy Spirit through her son Jesus Christ. This is fasting, praying, praising, gratitude, and living a life that is pure and fortified with G-O-D as ruler of your life.
High Magick practitioners are clairvoyant healers and possess energy healing. They do not need spells to manifest, only speaking the word of God over their circumstances. Now, we might have altars, light candles, go to church, study the bible and be of good service to our communities. But we operate from the supernatural through faith and the vision of our minds for success. Christian Witches are practitioners of High Magick, in fact many Universal Light Workers are light warriors of High Magick too!

Ostara’s Magickal Life


I have a beautiful altar I created for the my inner Goddess. I created this with Egyptian symbols of the Goddess as well as symbols of Oshun and Yemaya who are one facet of Goddess Holy Spirit and my connection to them. I imagine myself like my heroine Goddess Oshun, who is like an angel to me. I admire Her strength of will and sacrifice of her own flesh to the fire to save all of mankind. I also have an altar to Lord Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and Father God.
I also love herbal crafting of wildflower and sage bundles, incense, making organic body butter and essential oil blends. I make Flower Therapy basket on my etsy  the Hippie Love Angel Shop to provide emotional wellness, and bring harmonious angel energy to others. I love crafting things of nature and am very Green Witchy or a Hedge Witch. You can find me dancing in rainstorms, and laughing with caterpillars as they tickle my feet underneath the pink flowering tree in my garden.

My Magickal Things

If I am not reading magickal things, or my bible or meditating, or crafting I am helping my children with their homework, taking care of my home, taking my kids to the movies, making them sumptuous dinners and volunteering at their school. I also have created my own line of shampoo and hair conditioners for beauty salons and beard oil for barber shops. I also love visiting quaint little stores and traveling to the ocean with my mom. Everything is magical in my life, including my relationships with family and my community. In everything I do I sprinkle a little Goddess energy and try to shine the light of Jesus in my heart. The number one pledge of a Christian Witch is to love others as she loves herself. Being compassionate and uplifting others is my trademark. What is yours?

Magickal Altars

On my fireplace I have incense and pictures of family members who have passed on that I care about. I do all of this not to follow some idea of religion or tradition. I do this for me. It helps me to have a visual place of sacredness in my home that keeps me rooted to my faith. I love to sojourn into my sacred place to meditate. In fact, I have reminders of God and Goddess all over my home. I have angels, buddha, fairies, scripture and even a King Lion sits on my mantel. And outside I have a sacred space for my fairies. I love mermaids, witchy stuff and icons, and am super whimsical. I do follow the moon cycle and honor the Wiccan Wheel of the Year. I also give tarot, and oracle readings and love all manners of divination, much like the Levite High Priests did in the Bible.

Mixing High & Low Magick

There are times I use Low Magick to build up my faith, or empower myself if I feel low self-esteem. I light candles, mix herbs, make crystal grids, set the circle, and other rituals of sacred love and trust. I never exercise Low Magick to alter events in my life, gain employment or love or anything that is subversive or manipulative of another persons will. If anything, I cast this magick upon myself to love on myself and nourish my imagination of all possibilities in Christ Jesus.

Jesus Is My Rock

As a Christian Witch, Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of my faith but God is the building and Mother Goddess Holy Spirit is the Kingdom! I have a magickal good time in nature and my garden with my fairies. I ride dragons in my meditations and meet fantastical people such as the Wizard Merlin who taught me shape shifting and the responsibility of magick. I also have been given many gifts by my spirit guides, sat in the middle of the sun with Maitreya and met His Rainbow Bride, met many goddesses, and was given beautiful gifts by each one. Including the flaming sword of truth by Archangel Michael and a white robe of righteousness by Jesus Christ.
But I must say this….though a Christian Witch can posses the ability to heal, miracles and prophecy she is a normal person full of flaws, ego and woes like the rest of us. It is hard to explain but I have an anointing that is so big for the things of God, but my personality seems to be quite a separate thing.

Prayer  of Salvation

If you would like to become a Christian Witch then allow me to invite you to say this prayer with me.
“Dear Lord Jesus, please come into my heart. I believe you died for all of us, though we are not perfect, you who are God, came down upon the earth to shed your blood for all people, not just Christians or Jews. In that you have delivered us from evil and from our own egos and imperfections. Jesus you lead us towards the truth of Mother Goddess and we joyfully partner with you as Her children. encamp your Holy Angels around us to protect us from evil and lead us away from those things that separate us from God. Though we stumble never take away your Spirit from us but prod us and provoke our hearts towards following you miraculous example.
Thank you for giving us complete authority in Mother Holy Spirit to govern the earth. Thank you for the healing gifts in our hands, our minds are now set free and the workings of our herbs to bring healing to others. Thank you Father God for burning up all lack and thoughts of lack within our minds, hearts and lives. Thank you Jesus for divine protection and salvation. Thank you Mother Holy Spirit for wisdom and all truth. In your mighty name we proclaim VICTORY right now and swear to uphold your precious principles in the true translation of the Word of God. Blessed Be, so it is! Selah!”


Now go and get baptized wherever you can in a safe place. Baptism makes you an official child of Goddess and you will actually feel the power of the Holy Spirit scoop out the lack and pain from your heart and empower you with a Holy Fire! Get involved in a church, as it is fruitful to get connected and impact others lives. The Goddess will empower your gifts if you are willing to go forth and impart the gift of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to others.
If you have any questions about my spiritual path, would like a Christian Witch Tarot Life Coach session, or just want to talk and learn more about Christian Witchcraft you can email me at or leave me a comment below. I also hope you subscribe to my youtube channel as I will be uploading videos on Christian Witchcraft, High Magick and Low Magick spellery-doodahhh and of course monthly tarot readings!
It is my desire next summer to go on a missions trip to Nicaragua with my church. I am raising money for this on my Patreon page.>>>>

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