Miss Goodwitch’s Mayhem

Hi there! I talk alit about Witchy stuff but I want to share with you my life. I’m a single mom if four kids. And we all have Autism to some degree so we are goofballs! 

 Had some fun with the kids last night. Went to 2nd and Charles then Satchels Pizza in my town, Gainesville, Florida! 

We had a blast! As you can see I’ve recently lost 117 lbs and I feel fabulous! I went from a size 26 to a size 14! It was a lot of work and took me a year, but I did it! Now I’m working really hard lifting weights to build up my muscle. 

I’m also into 80’s fashion and the Kawaii craze from Tokyo with the Harajuku teens. Last year I was into the Hippie Boho look. I like to change up and stay a step ahead. I will post some different looks soon. 

I have been asked to partner with 2nd & Charles Bookstore to do psychic tarot readings at their Halloween event and I also give once a month readings at my Goddess Circle and Powerhouse Gym! 

Life is good! Book will be published in time to buy for Christmas! I love you all! 




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  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!

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  2. ladyvirgo1983@gmail.com says:

    Happy birthday 🎊🎁🎈🎉🎂 You look great as well. How did you do it? It’s been so hard for me.

    Thank you, Tonya


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    1. I worked out lifting weights for 8 months and then had a gastric sleeve done to help my diet. I continue to lift weights and practice yoga for optimal health.


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