Walk By Faith With Ostara In Gatorville! 

My daughter Tatiana and I decided to take a stand against police brutality and the death of innocent lives. We took our city by force in prayer! 

Today I turned 44 years old. As I thought about the amazing transformation that my life has grown through; I contemplated what I could do that would make a difference in this world. 

I wrote a book From Slave Girl to Glorious Queen, created as a guidebook to empower girls who have suffered the trauma of rape, abuse and addiction.

But today I felt called to really step out of my comfort zone. I’m a hermit, and a bit lazy, so walking 7 miles, publicly, was huge for me! We did it!!! And it was magical, powerful, healing and fulfilling. 

God loves a cheerful giver, so we danced and laughed and met wonderful people who prayed with us! We had a bit of fun along the way. 

After I came home I found out on the news, tonight on Archer road, a 15 year old boy was killed in a car shootout, only thirty minutes after our prayer. 

I also found out that in Newberry, Florida tonight the residents are remembering the historic tragedy of the six people lynched many years ago due to racial pedjudice and ignorance. Murder of our children and violence in our black community needs to end. 

My Pastor said today, racism is from the root cause of pride. Pride, ego and selfishness are the cornerstone of corruption, violence and destruction. 

I pray for the sake of our children, we as a society, learn to focus more on developing our spiritual and emotional development over financial gain. We came to this world, not to conquer, but to create. 

We cannot create with fear and hate. We must elevate our spiritual consciousness and place the emphasis upon love and harmony over self satisfaction. 

If we aren’t careful, we will learn this lesson through tragedy and devastation. The more violent, arrogant and ignorant to our own divine inheritance in love, the more this earth will turn upon us in destruction. Or did you not realize the Earth has a living soul too? 

Balance is key to healing and peace. Churches need to teach the love of God in both male AND female principles. I challenge every pastor to call God SHE even for a day. How can we worship God and only teach about half? God is ALL! As long as we limit God, we limit our communities, and close off those that aren’t looking for a Daddy, but a Mother, in Christ. 

Did not Christ teach about the balance? Well…I digress. But these were my thoughts as I walked and prayed. I thought of my aunt struggling with drug addiction and depression. I thought of my brother as he strives successfully as an attorney. I prayed for both alike. 

Because no matter how flung far apart their worlds are, in the end, they are still family. Such are all of us. Yes, we are different shades, live in different ways, and may even worship differently. No one is the same, not even in a family. 

And a family we all are; white, black, brown, red or tan.Whether we are Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or Witches….we are one humanity and children of God. 

Everyone is different, but tearing each other down for our differences only helps destroy our humanity and shape a world full of tragedy and grief. Choose love, above all else, my friends. Choose love. 

Blessings & Bliss,

I love you, Ostara


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