Miss Goodwitch’s Guide to Clairvoyant Living

​Born With The Sight

Being born clairvoyant doesn’t mean you will always live a perfect life. I’ve seen glimpses of the future since I was five. I could see my past lives too, one which I knew Jesus. Yep! Anyway, I was born to be a spiritual teacher but its a huge battle. 
The world says be hard, and love looking for what you can get. As an adult Christian I have had to re-learn all the truths I knew as a child! See kids have it right, before the world taints them. 

Also my spiritual gifts had to bloom, and I had to understand them, and believe in them. It takes time and much fighting against a world that calls God demonic and foolish and all the Donald Trumps god. 

So along the way I will give tips and rules for navigating your life as a clairvoyant.

Step 1. Be Authentic

      It is fine you’re weird. Your uniqueness is the mark of Goddess stamped in ecstatic approval of Her creation. Celebrate it and learn to incorporate the beauty of your quirks to make your mark on this world, with harm to none.

Clairvoyant Mama

Sometimes my daughter hates to introduce me to her potential suitors. Imagine, your mom is prophetic, so she sees far beyond a regular mom. Often I will glimpse their future. See I don’t need cards cause I was born prophetic and clairvoyant. 
But I’ll often TELL them what they are dreaming about, and give them guidance for their destiny. The guys freak out sometimes….lmbooo…who told you about that?

 They would say….all of them say. And unfortunately, I will tell her the bad things they are into or if it will end and how and I’m always right. I love my Princess. Having a psychic Mommy ain’t easy.

Step 2. Be Subtle

I’ve learned in these situations to not be too direct. If you read a potential date for you or your child, don’t tell them,”I see your future. I’m a psychic, or I know you are up to no good.” Lol Instead say, “I bet you like (such and such)”, or ” I bet its hard for you to overcome (whatever) as a young person tell me how do you cope?”

  Lead them gently to skim the surface if confirmation is what you seek. But definitely tell your kid what you see. Nine times out of ten, they saw it too, cause they have your gift, just undeveloped. 

 Clairvoyant In Love

Falling in love is doubly hard for a prophetic or clairvoyant person. We know of the person before they get here. And when we meet, though we see the future, and get intuitive guidance, we either ignore it, blab to them about expecting them to jump on in, or we run or sabotage out of fear because of our ego centered inadequacies. 

Step 3. Just Let It Flow

I have learned a lot in the last 44 years of my life. I have been married twice and am the proud mother of four beautiful and unique children. I am single right now. The recipe for disaster in my love life as a clairvoyant was:

1. Knowing intuitively their needs and being that, instead of my authentic self.

2. Ignoring my intuition when God says leave or they are not right for you.

3. Trying to save them and be their light

4. Trying to rush the process I see in my vision as if they see it too…they don’t. 

5. And my latest one, underestimating God, that the REAL soul mate he has for me, might be intuitive too and can see thru all my ego and hold me accountable to all of it because he is at last my equal. 

6. And also divine timing.

 If there are things you are still to learn you can’t argue with Goddess. You will learn them, so Father God can expose and burn up the lack in your heart. And then Goddess Holy Spirit will pour out Her manna from her divine cornucopia! 

7. Be childlike

Loving God and Goddess, delighting in the beauty of nature, tapping into the innocent purity of your inner child and following your dreams will magnetize all things lovely into your life.

Now that I realize this, in addition to my personal areas of growth; I can now have a successful relationship. 

Plus knowing yourself, being friends with yourself, creating spiritual balance of the masculine and feminine energies, and honoring your unique destiny all plays a part in finding a true love partnership. Keeping Christ first, and staying in tune with Goddess is the bedrock for me.

Clairvoyant At The Office 

As a prophetic clairvoyant you can’t just turn it off. Some people you encounter will trigger your gift. I have even seen their crossed over family members. In my life, I have learned God always makes room for your gifts. 

There is a time and place and if you stay in tune with the Holy Spirit you will know when to share and when not to. 

Step 6. Never Be Ashamed

I was a mental health counselor and addictions specialist. I led therapy groups and private counseling sessions. Furthermore, I found myself intuitively counseling my coworkers. 

1. Leave your tarot cards at home.

2. Offer wisdom only if sought and couch your prophetic comments in disguise as a witty remark, or a thoughtful imagination.

3. If they open the esoteric or more of a psychic door discussing tarot, astrology or palmistry lightly discuss your enjoyment of it. 

4. Never give a reading on the clock.

5. Don’t be afraid or hold back what you see, feel, hear, know or understand. 

6. Speak on universal spiritual terms and focus on the angelic realm. 

7. Don’t share your troubles or woes, you are the healer, it weakens your ability to guide them. 

If you wish to start a business, start off with friends and family giving readings for donations. Connect with other readers and exchange readings.

 Continue building your relationship with God and your fellowship community and even when you charge, give away occasional freebies. 

Remember Holy Spirit has chosen you as a vessel, to represent Her on this earth. You have a mission of healing, elevating humanity and bringing peace. Your love partner should also share your path and not hinder you, but excite you towards it. 

You are one of the greatest blessings on planet Earth. So use your gifts with gratitude, joy and wisdom. Be responsible with your energy for you are the manifestoes of magic and destiny! 

We have lived multiple lives. And endured horrific hell even in our current incarnatiin. A true prophetic has faced many demons and overcome with the love of Christ. She is humble and often will take the blame rather than see someone she loves hurting. 

That’s why a prophetic like me is such a help. We have journeyed where you need to go. Thru many lives we have learned balance. And we have been placed on earth as guides. But does that mean our lives are perfect? No. We are students too and life is a great school. Remain teachable and reflect love. That’s all we are required to do. Bless you!



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  1. Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain to you too, Ostara! Thank you so much for sharing this guide. Sometimes I find myself feeling conflicted because either I don’t feel authentic to myself, or I feel like I should be doing more as a healer and lightworker. Let it flow… yes, I will. Many blessings 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for sharing! And I’m glad my little blog brings you enjoyment and light! Blessed Be

      Liked by 1 person

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