Let It Go, And Be Magic! 

I can identify with this song. I remember when I came out as a Witch that this sing reflected my feelings about my magical self. 

Since then I have “let it go” and no longer walk the spiritual path of Witch. And contrary to my first thought; being a Christian only doesn’t squelch who I am. 

Being a Christian is magical and beautiful. One doesn’t have to be rigid, boring or denounce unicirns because you are “saved” now. No. Life is a beautiful tapestry of many designs. 

I am my majestically magical, delightfully deranged and whimsically winning self still. I just do it all for Christ. I don’t share my love for Him, or Mother Holy Spirit with other gods. Christ completes me and I need nothing else. 

Just wanted to share a little. I love you all. Merry Christmas, Joyous Yule and Happy Holidays! 

I love you, Ostara


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