A Christian Hippie Chick 

Proud Hippie, Barefoot Christian

I had given up, tried to conform, be mainstream, play nice in the sandbox. But this square peg just don’t fit into your “circle”. 

I am always gonna be a gypsy, hippie chick, with a stack of tarot cards and crystals lying around. And at a party I may try to read your palm while tickling your funny bone with my antics. 

And on Sunday and Wednesday nights you will find me in church serving and worshipping my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Lukewarm Christian or Awakened?

I’m not a lukewarm Christian nor a heretic. In actuality, I have carefully studies the Bible in English and Hebrew translations for almost ten years before I picked up my first pack of tarot cards. 

I understand Christianity holistically and have relationship with Christ that is deeply intimate and solid. I’m not perfect, just saved by grace. 

The Bible does not require strict adherence with Jewish laws for Christians. In fact, Christians are only expected to abstain from sexual perversion, eating food affiliated with idols, eating blood and strangled animals. 

Can A Witch or Pagan Be A Christian?

All Christians, no matter their background are people that follow the example Christ left and love Him. No matter your faith when you start, or culture, it only takes the love of Christ and desire for a relationship with him to qualify. We become gifted with the power of the Holy Spirit so any divination or practices we do are allowed by God as long as we do it to bring glory to Mother and Father God.

Goddess Is Biblical

And oh yeah….Holy Spirit is Mother God and should be worshipped in her appropriate gender. It rob’s womankind to consistently limit God to being a male personality. God is bigger than that and women have a reflection of herself in the kingdom of heaven. 

Understanding the complex truth of who God/dead is gives us greater intimacy. One can not truly be adopted as children if we don’t have a relationship with our divine parents. So we have “religious” confusion instead of inclusion, depression instead of confession and isolation instead of celebration. 

Goddess Celebration Empowers Us All

I blame this lack of truth and freedom for the degradation, rape and abuse of women and the systemic single parent families. Men disrespect women because they don’t know she is God too. They wipe their feet on her because they fail to see she is the KINGDIM OF GOD that God Himself dwells in. 

If we all realized how Holy women truly are women would respect themselves more and men would honor them not abuse. I mean, the vagina itself looks like the holy temple replete with the outer court, temple doors, inner court and holy of holies being her womb. Why are people so blind? 

Well, I refuse to squelch my light and hide behind the façade of religion. I love Jesus Christ with my heart, body and soul. I am saved, celibate and single for four years now. I don’t drink or do drugs and I live to serve mankind with peace, love and light, giving God the highest glory. 

So What? I’m Weird

I am unique. I see with eyes of discernment and a mind like Christ. I won’t pretend to be less than I am. Serving others with spiritual counseling, angelic help and occasional healing and loving messages from their crossed over loved ones honors God. I am continuing my YouTube channel and blog. I am dedicated to spreading the light of Christ in all truth. 

I love my Witchy family and will never turn away from you all again. I do not practice Witchcraft but I love you just as you are and do does Jesus! God/dess loves us all no matter what rituals we use to connect. The Bible teaches its not by works but by grace that we reach salvation. 

And being a tarot card reader and practicing the High Priest art of divination is not evil. Just like the Levitical priests prophecy and divination are sanctioned by God if used for the Glory of God and to edify, heal or give spiritual guidance from the Holy Spirit.

That is the king of tarot reader I am. I love giving prophetic guidance and messages from your guardian angels. I give Biblical advice along with prophetic revelation without the assistance of my cards. And I will continue to do so.

I am a simple, down to earth woman with a complex brain. Foremost, I’m a mother who dearly loved my children. And I’m a Christian who still believes that it is only thru Christ will you find complete ascension, self mastery, healing and love. That is real Christianity, becoming a living vessel of complete love as reflected by Christ’s love for humanity, by the sacrifice of his life(ie. Your Ego), and the ascension of the soul through faith and obedience to the laws governed by the Kingdom of God. Can you dig it? 


I love you all…moonbeam dreams and comet kisses! 



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  1. Ravemore says:

    I like where your path is taking you Sister. I wish you well!

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